Watch the 2017 UEFA Champions League live online with a VPN

Last Updated: Mar 20, 2017 @ 4:29 pm

Live TV coverage of the UEFA Champions League has changed the way fans think about football. It used to be all about supporting your own team above the rest — but for most of us, our team isn’t in the Champions League.

We still never miss a round, though, because the Champions League lets us watch the world’s best players every other week.

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A VPN keeps your data and identity safe online

Want to watch the Champions League online? Should you have to miss the skills of Messi and Ronaldo’s incredible goals just because of threats to your online privacy and data security? No way — just use a VPN.

A VPN, or virtual private network, is like a private road for your internet traffic.

Usually, when you connect to the internet, your data can be intercepted by third parties like your ISP, governments, and cybercriminals. But with ExpressVPN,  your data is secured by 256-bit SSL encryption. Your IP address is hidden too. So you’re safe and anonymous online.

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When are Champions League matches played?

The UEFA Champions League runs alongside each country’s national league, so games are always played mid-week. The tournament starts with a group stage that runs from September to December, with matches played Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 8.45pm CET.

The Champions League then switches to a knockout tournament that runs from February until the final in late May. The tournament final will be on June 3rd, 2017 at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, Wales.

How to stream the Champions League with a VPN

So you have your VPN and you know when the next Champions League match is on. Watching it safely, in any country, is nice and easy. Here are some of your best options.

Watch Champions League live on BT Sport (UK)

BT Sport recently secured the UK rights to show live Champions League. A selection of games require no subscription — so with a VPN, anyone can stream securely and privately.

Here’s how to steam BT Sport securely with a VPN:

  1. Connect to any UK ExpressVPN server.
  2. Sign in at and click ‘Watch live.’ (A subscription is required for some games.)
  3. Enjoy the match!

Stream live Champions League games on Fox Sports Go (U.S.)

Fox Soccer has a mix of free-to-watch and subscription-only Champions League games. With a VPN, you can stream them without risking your online privacy, anywhere in the world.

Here’s how to stream Fox Soccer safely from anywhere with a VPN:

  1. Connect to one of over 20 U.S. ExpressVPN servers.
  2. Sign in at (A U.S. cable subscription is required.)
  3. Start watching!

Is Leicester ready to take over Europe?

Everyone knows what Leicester City did during the 2015-2016 Premier League season, making a historic run to the top of the league table and claiming the club’s first ever domestic title. Now, the Foxes get to take on the best teams Europe has to offer. Can the Foxes capture lighting in a bottle again? They’ve gotten by the group stages… 

Maybe not. At this juncture, it still sounds like picking perennial favorites Real Madrid and Juventus is a better idea. But therein lies the question — will another underdog rise up and take the Champions League crown?

You can share your own predictions in the comments below. And if you want to stream Champions Leagues football safely and securely online, set up your VPN now.

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  1. I am Telling You, It’s Barcelona’s Year. Fear the MSN. Visca el barca 😉 We will make history again by at least retaining the CL if not winning the treble back-to-back. Game’s ON!

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