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Previously known as AT&T TV Now, the online-only streaming platform DirecTV Stream offers live local and national TV channels, on demand movies, and more.

Want to enjoy blazing-fast HD streams from DirecTV securely, on any network? All you need is a VPN and this trusty guide.

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What is DirecTV Stream? Is it the same as AT&T TV Now?

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DirecTV Now was the old name, then came AT&T TV Now, now it's DirecTV Stream. All refer to the same service: an online-only streaming platform that allows subscribers to access live and on-demand programming over the internet for a monthly fee. It offers popular channels like HBO, Showtime, and ESPN, plus exclusive sports packages like NFL Sunday Ticket.

It’s meant for people who cannot install a satellite dish or cord-cutters who simply don’t want the hassle of a long-term satellite or cable contract.

How is DirecTV Stream different from plain old DirecTV?

DirecTV is still the name of AT&T’s traditional satellite TV service. You do not need to install DirecTV in order to get DirecTV Stream/AT&T TV Now. However, if you are already a DirecTV satellite subscriber, online streaming is available through that service at no extra charge.

Both forms of DirecTV—the satellite-based and online-only Stream versions—offer a cloud DVR service and access to local channels in major markets.

FAQ: DirecTV and AT&T TV Now

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