VPN Battery life
8 mins

Does a VPN drain battery life?

If you notice your battery draining faster with VPN turned on, you’re not alone. Find out how to reduce VPN battery use.
2 mins

ExpressVPN launches an online store

We’re celebrating with a limited-time promotion on all Aircove products.
A website being redirected.
10 mins

What is DNS hijacking?

DNS hijacking can steal your personal data and show you unwanted ads. Learn how to prevent it.
Padlock with browser UI.
30 mins

Ranked: Best (and worst) browsers for privacy in 2024

We look at Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Tor, and more. How well does yours rank in terms of security and privacy? Find out in this ranking!
14 mins

Do you have an AI-generated look-alike living online?

Digital doppelgängers may have you seeing double.
Surveillance cameras monitoring a smartphone.
Video post
7 mins

How to find and remove stalkerware apps

You might just have one on your phone.
9 mins

What’s a VPN kill switch, and how does it work?

Not all kill switches are created equal; discover why ExpressVPN's Network Lock stands above the rest.


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