27 mins

35+ free AI tools to boost your productivity

Find out about tools for easy video creation, note-taking, financial management, and more.
14 mins

From charging phones to mining Bitcoins: The energy use of everything

Ever wonder how much cost your electric toothbrush adds to your power bill? What about scrolling through social media? We’ve got answers.
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2 mins

Best new shows and movies to stream in June 2023

June 2023 sees the return of The Witcher, The Bear, The Righteous Gemstones and more, plus new seasons of Love Island and The Bachelorette! And that’s before we even mention the NBA and Stanley Cup Finals, the French Open, and The Ashes.
Book with a robot face on the cover.
3 mins

We asked our writers: Best sci-fi books about AI

Our in-house obsessives recommend novels that foretell possible futures about artificial intelligence.
Digital brain signifying the AI singularity.
5 mins

What is the singularity in AI?

The singularity is the point where AI becomes advanced enough to improve itself exponentially—and get out of human control. But will it happen?
DC Studios logo.
13 mins

DC Comics movies: Guide to the DC Extended Universe

There are grand plans ahead for the DC Universe—but up until now, the DCEU has failed to match Marvel’s success. Here’s a look back.
TV with heartbreak and wedding rings icons
6 mins

Popular reality TV shows to watch in June 2023

Get set for the return of reality TV faves like Love Island, RHOC, and The Bachelorette, plus the debut of something called...The Big D (admit it, you're curious!). Mark your calendars for a binge-worthy June!


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How to track your own luggage

Love to travel but hate lost luggage? You might want to consider including a tracker device in your suitcase. Our two-minute video will show you how it works.