Adaptation of the Australian coat of arms, with crumbling planet.
4 mins

Australia’s proposed ‘anti-troll’ law will erode digital freedom

Australia is drafting legislation to trolling that would further reduce online anonymity, privacy, and free speech. 
Phone receiver in the Facebook logo.
3 mins

Is Facebook listening to you?

Ever had a conversation with someone recommending a new , only to see it advertised to you on Facebook...
Arrows pointing up and down.
3 mins

Comparing WireGuard and Lightway: 3 reasons we created Lightway

Three reasons we decided to create Lightway to better suit our users' needs.
House-shaped padlock with Wi-Fi icon
3 mins

4 reasons you need a VPN at home

When it comes to staying safe online at home, a VPN is your best friend.
A laptop and a light in the dark.
21 mins

Tech safety for survivors of domestic violence

Take steps to assert your digital autonomy, prevent stalking, and regain control over your communications and information.
Shopping bag and smartphone.
4 mins

Safety tips for online and in-store shopping

Whether you’re shopping online or in real life, it’s important to stay safe. Check out our primer for avoiding theft and scams.
Hidden Wi-Fi name
3 mins

Should you hide your Wi-Fi network name (SSID) or not?

Will hiding your SSID keep your Wi-Fi network safe? The answer is no—and doing so will even bring more harm than good.


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