Solar Panels Campaign DP
6 mins

Solar is the future. Are PV systems cyber secure?

Where there are internet-connected parts, there is a risk of cyberattack. Here’s how solar providers can fortify their systems.
3 mins

Is in-flight Wi-Fi safe?

A man charged with launching an evil-twin attack over in-flight Wi-Fi highlights cybersecurity risks up in the air.
10 mins

Best productivity apps for Windows in 2024

We list top apps for note-taking, project management, time management, improving focus, and more.
11 mins

As Paris Olympics approach, so do cyber threats

While the 2020 Tokyo Games saw 450 million cyberattacks, experts say the Paris Olympics could face up to 10 times more.
Indian flat with an eye on it on the cover of a file folder.
8 mins

Are VPNs legal in India? (2024)

Learn about the rules over VPN use in India and how they might affect you.
3 mins

Improving accessibility: An Aircove case study

As users of varying technical ability have begun using Aircove, it’s also driven us to think about inclusivity more broadly.
9 mins

How to secure your Mac against cyber threats

Macs might have a reputation for being secure, but that doesn't mean they're impenetrable.


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Top 10 video games that will change how you view privacy

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