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Popular reality TV shows to watch in April 2023

Long-running faves like Ghost Hunters return this month, along with the debut of Rennervations, plus plenty of other binge-worthy reality TV shows. We’ve rounded up the most popular, so mark your calendar!
TikTok logo with a slash.
3 mins

The U.S. Restrict Act explained

Find out what the Restrict Act has to do with TikTok, what detractors are saying about the legislation, and whether it's relevant to VPN use.
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8 mins

Best AirTag alternatives for Android and iPhone

AirTags are great for keeping tabs on your stuff, only if you use an iPhone. Check out these AirTag alternatives for all devices.
Phone with location pin and luggage handles.
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4 mins

How to track your own luggage

Love to travel but hate lost luggage? You might want to consider including a tracker device in your suitcase.
alt=”Will AI replace lawyers?”
7 mins

Will AI bots replace lawyers?

AI could make legal services more efficient and affordable by taking on certain tasks.
Paper being folded in half, like Moore's Law.
3 mins

A toast to Gordon Moore, an inspiration to human ingenuity

Among his achievements, Moore's Law is perhaps his more influential contribution to our everyday digital technologies.
Disappearing messages with a countdown timer.
8 mins

Disappearing messages on WhatsApp: What is it and how to turn...

Don’t want your online messages accessible forever? Here’s how to make them disappear on WhatsApp, Instagram, Gmail, Facebook, and more.


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Should you use a free VPN?

There are many VPNs out there at different price points. Many are even free. Watch our video to find out the pros and cons of using a free VPN.