7 mins

How to recover a hacked Telegram account

Here’s how someone could access your account and what to do to keep it safe.
7 mins

Data for dollars: Beware of cash-incentive deals

Would you sell your data to a retailer? That’s essentially what’s going on when a company offers you money or discounts just for registering an account.
8 mins

How to tell if someone hacked your router and how to...

Your Wi-Fi router is an important part of your home, keeping your devices like laptops, phones, and TVs connected...
9 mins

Instagram phishing: How to stay safe from scams

That attractive stranger sending you messages on Instagram? It might turn into a phishing scam.
Google logo crushed under gavel.
10 mins

Explainer: Google settles class-action lawsuit over Incognito mode

Chrome’s Incognito mode doesn’t prevent Google from tracking you—and users sued over it. Here are the terms Google agreed to in a settlement.
10 mins

What is Incognito mode, and is it safe?

Even in Incognito mode, your privacy is not guaranteed—as highlighted by recently settled lawsuit against Google.
7 mins

How to choose a gaming router for the best gameplay

Whether battling in the latest MMO, racing, or eliminating rivals in a competitive FPS, the right router can enhance your performance and enjoyment.


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