7 mins

What is the difference between DHCP and PPPoE?

When configuring your Wi-Fi, you might be asked to choose between DHCP and PPPoE. Here’s how to select the right one.
Canada Digital ID
4 mins

What is a Canada digital ID?

Canada is planning to launch a countrywide digital ID system. Find out the benefits and risks of such a program.
9 mins

TCP vs. UDP: What’s the difference?

When you use a VPN, you might be offered a choice between TCP and UDP protocols in the app settings. Here’s what to know about them.
5 mins

Ups and downs of post-quantum cryptography—and our hybrid solution

A paper claiming the creation of an algorithm that could break post-quantum encryption created a stir in the cybersecurity world.
Get unbanned from Discord with a VPN
5 mins

How to get unbanned from Discord with a VPN

Start using Discord again in no time.
How to use a VPN with Starlink
10 mins

How to use a VPN for Starlink

... And why it's a must-have for your router.
Are people still using X - Cover
15 mins

2 years post-Musk: Is X nearing super app status?

The verdict is in…


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