Broken password field.
3 mins

How hackers get passwords

If all you knew about hacking came from TV and movies, you could be forgiven for thinking hackers steal...
Streaming device with $0 price tag.
4 mins

Streaming devices with free-trial streaming services

Having trouble deciding which streaming device to get? We’ve selected a few with free streaming trials to get you started!
3 mins

How to delete your Google account permanently

Concerned about using Google? Learn how to delete your Google account permanently.
picture of a vpn switch taped in the on position
4 mins

Should you keep your VPN on all the time?

Why we recommend doing so—and the situations where a VPN is vital.
Phone with location pin and luggage handles.
3 mins

How to track your own luggage

Dreading chaotic airports this summer? You might want to consider including a tracker device in your luggage.
Mac computer with the ExpressVPN interface.
1 min

ExpressVPN now runs natively on Apple silicon Macs (M1 and M2)

Our app works even more seamlessly on the newest Mac computer models, allowing users to enjoy a performance boost along with lower battery consumption.
streaming push play button
9 mins

Best new shows and movies to stream in August 2022

As we wait for the Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon on August 21, we’ve got awards-bait movies, two soccer-themed docuseries, and multiple ’90s reboots to stream.


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