Does a VPN keep you anonymous
6 mins

Tech Friend: When in doubt, sign out

What a VPN can and cannot do for your privacy and anonymity if you’re signed in to an account like Google.
House-shaped padlock with Wi-Fi icon
10 mins

9 reasons you need a VPN at home in 2023

Your home internet is probably safer than public Wi-Fi, but a VPN still provides numerous benefits for your online experience.
62 mins

20 best expat destinations for each life stage

Planning to emigrate? Read this first.
15 mins

Tor vs. VPN: What’s the difference?

Tor is mainly used for anonymity on the dark web, while VPNs are faster and easier to use.
17 mins

VPN hardware vs. VPN software: Key differences

Hardware VPNs are mostly used by large companies, while software VPNs are better for individuals and small businesses.
3 mins

Upgrading Lightway to DTLS 1.3, an industry first for safety and...

ExpressVPN is one of the first services in the world to implement the new version of DTLS, designed for secure communication over untrusted networks.
9 mins

How to set up a personal VPN server on any device

You can DIY a VPN.


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