Aircove Go router
Aircove router

Protect everything,
everywhere, all at once

Introducing Aircove Go


Aircove Go

Compact and portable

Hotel, holiday cabin, or small apartment—wherever you are, protecting all your devices couldn’t be easier. Our palm-sized Wi-Fi router comes with built-in VPN and advanced protection features. It can even connect to the internet through another Wi-Fi network, so you can leave the IT team—and your Ethernet cable—behind. Enjoy peace of mind and ease of use, at home and away.


Power and range

Take your home security to the next level. Aircove is our pioneering home router with built-in VPN and powerful Wi-Fi 6 for enough bandwidth to cover even the most device-heavy households. With Aircove running, every device enjoys VPN benefits, even smart home appliances that can’t usually run VPN software. You’ll enjoy 24/7 protection where it matters most—your home. Because your family’s digital life is worth defending.

Why you need a VPN router

Phone showing the Aircove dashboard with the Aircove router in the background

VPN security as easy as joining your Wi-Fi

Secure all your devices—even smart home appliances and gaming consoles that can’t install VPN software. Smart TV? Roku device? If it’s connected, it’s protected. So wherever you are, you’ll enjoy the internet you expect and world-class VPN protection.

Family protected in a bubble

Your personal bubble of protection

VPN security doesn’t have to be complicated. With Aircove running, your entire Wi-Fi network is protected—and friends and family can share your VPN!

You have full control over which devices connect to which VPN server location, or whether they connect to VPN or the internet at all. And with advanced protection features, you can even set parental controls and shield your family from malicious and explicit content.

Router VPN that covers all devices.

Flexibility for every family

Create up to five groups for all your devices. One group for family or friends, one for all your streaming devices, or one just for you. You get to connect to up to five different VPN locations at once, and changing a group’s location doesn’t interrupt your other connections.

For each group, set a VPN location or choose:

  • Smart Location, which selects the best location for you based on network conditions
  • No VPN, for when you want a device connected to the internet but not using VPN
  • No internet, for when you want to block individual devices from accessing the internet
  • Which advanced protection features to apply, if any

Aircove Go router on a table

Hassle-free connectivity

Aircove Go’s exclusive Wi-Fi link feature lets you connect to the internet via another Wi-Fi network. So in each new hotel room, holiday rental, or co-working space, you can easily get connected without your Ethernet cable. And because Aircove Go is powered by USB-C, that’s one less plug to pack.

Aircove is the easiest way to add VPN service to your Wi-Fi network, full stop.