ExpressVPN multi-device connections

How many devices can use your ExpressVPN subscription?

A laptop, a tablet, and a mobile phone connected to ExpressVPN simultaneously.

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A single ExpressVPN subscription allows you to connect five devices at once, regardless of platform. To connect more than five devices simultaneously, you’ll need to purchase additional subscriptions or use ExpressVPN on your router.

Use ExpressVPN on five devices at a time on any platform

Secure your desktop connection with a VPN.

Windows | Mac | Linux | Chromebook

(desktop / laptop)

Get a VPN for mobile devices.

Android | iOS | Kindle Fire | Nook HD | Surface RT

(smartphone / tablet)

Use a VPN on your gaming console.

Apple TV | PlayStation | Xbox

(streaming console / gaming console)

If you would like to connect more than five devices with ExpressVPN simultaneously, please purchase an additional license.

Alternatively, connect even more devices with ExpressVPN’s app for routers.

Get ExpressVPN for routers to connect all devices that use your home Wi-Fi.

Why get a VPN for multiple devices?

Stream smoothly on all your computers

Streaming content on several laptops at once? With ExpressVPN, you can access online services blocked in certain countries across all of your devices.

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Three laptops connected to VPN at the same time.

Stay safe on all your mobile devices

Want to enjoy the internet securely on your mobile phones and tablets? Let ExpressVPN encrypt all of your devices!

Mobile phones and a tablet connected to VPN concurrently.

Mix it up!

ExpressVPN’s apps allow you to connect your choice of any five devices at once. Any device. Anywhere. Anytime.

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Five devices using ExpressVPN at a time.

Great, but I want to connect more than five devices…

To connect more than five devices to ExpressVPN at the same time, you can purchase additional subscriptions or use ExpressVPN on your router. There are two ways to set up your router with ExpressVPN:

A supported router.

1. Get the ExpressVPN app for routers

ExpressVPN offers an easy-to-use app for supported router models.

Find out more here.

A router that can be manually configured.

2. Manually set up your router to use ExpressVPN

Don’t have a supported router? Not to worry.

Find out how to manually configure your router to use ExpressVPN.

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