Parental controls with VPN: Block explicit content

ExpressVPN’s apps feature an adult-site blocker, which comes included with your VPN subscription.

Greater control of your family’s internet

Family streaming a show at home

Content filtering is one aspect of parental controls on children’s devices, allowing parents to restrict access to age-inappropriate content, including explicit material. ExpressVPN’s adult-site blocker is a tool to prevent your family from seeing explicit content on porn sites. When you enable the feature, sites on our blocklist will not load.

Toggle on blockers to block ads or explicit content (adult sites).

How to turn the adult-site blocker on and off

It’s easy to turn on your adult-site blocker within ExpressVPN’s apps for Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android, as well as on Aircove.

Instructions for Windows

Instructions for iOS

Instructions for Mac

Instructions for Android

Instructions for Linux

Instructions for Aircove

How does ExpressVPN’s adult-site blocker work?

Toggle on the adult-site blocker in ExpressVPN’s app settings. You must be using the Lightway VPN protocol. On Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android devices, your VPN must be turned on in order for the feature to work. On our Aircove router, you can use the adult-site blocker with or without the VPN turned on. All devices connected to the Aircove’s Wi-Fi will block explicit sites, shielding everyone in your family from such content. (The feature is on its way for Linux.)

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What sites are blocked?

Our adult-site blocklist is compiled from publicly available and open-source lists of sites. We regularly review and update these blocklists.

Read how our method of blocking offers greater safety.

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