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Australia VPN proxy service

The ExpressVPN guide to VPN for Australia

Over 100 servers in four cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Fast connection
  • Blocks ISPs from logging your data

Learn how you can use ExpressVPN to fight data retention both inside and outside Australia.

Best Australia VPN
Photo from an AFL (Australian Football League) match.
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How to watch Australian sport online with a VPN

Australian sport fans can use a VPN to stream events around the world. All you need is a computer or mobile device and a fast, reliable VPN.

Stream live events like:

Learn more about streaming sports with ExpressVPN.

Choose from 4 Australian VPN server locations

ExpressVPN has four convenient VPN server locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth. That means you can get a fast, secure, and reliable VPN connection from the east and west coasts of Australia! For best results, choose the location nearest you, or select Smart Location and let ExpressVPN pick the best server for your needs.

Sydney Opera House.

Melbourne city view.

Brisbane city at night.

Perth city at night.

Digital privacy in Australia

Map of Australia over binary code background

Also called the Online Infringement Act, the Copyright Amendment Act allows the Australian government to force ISPs to block foreign websites based on evidence of copyright infringement. Like most anti-piracy legislation, this law is well-meaning but dangerous. It leaves the definition of an “offending website” open to broad interpretation and abuse. Otherwise legal sites that happen to host some pirated files could be shut down entirely.

Metadata retention

An Australian law passed in 2015 requires all telecoms (including ISPs) to retain user metadata for up to two years and provide it on demand to federal agencies. This data includes the source and destination of an email, as well as the time and date of a web browsing session.

Don’t like the Australian government watching you through your ISP?

Use a VPN to hide your IP address and encrypt your web traffic so that your browsing data is hidden from your ISP and other third parties.

ExpressVPN supports internet freedom

ExpressVPN is a proud financial supporter of nonprofit organizations that fight for your freedom on the internet, like the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Internet Defense League, Fight for the Future, and Access Now.

Australian VPN apps for every device

Need the best VPN for Australia to cover all your devices? ExpressVPN has easy-to-use apps for desktop and mobile on every platform.

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ExpressVPN works on all your devices

Check out these manual configurations and setup tutorials for a wide range of other devices and platforms.

The best VPN for Australia

Range of devices with Australian flag shield logo

With a VPN for Australians, you can…

  • Enjoy fast, throttle-free streaming

  • Browse the internet securely

  • Protect your digital privacy

  • Access censored sites on all your devices

ExpressVPN for other countries

ExpressVPN users can connect to 160 server locations in 94 countries and counting. Access any of these VPN server locations from Australia or anywhere else, including:

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