A simple, secure password manager

ExpressVPN Keys lets you store your passwords securely across all of your devices.

  • Sign in to apps and websites with a click
  • Generate strong passwords
  • No limit to passwords or devices
  • Free with an ExpressVPN subscription
  • Sign in to apps and websites with a click
  • Generate strong passwords
  • No limit to passwords or devices
  • Free with an ExpressVPN subscription
Secure the passwords for all your online accounts with ExpressVPN Keys.
A password manager is like an online safe for your passwords.

What is a password manager?

A password manager is a secure way to store the username and password for your online accounts in an encrypted digital vault. The password manager stores and automatically fills in your details when you sign in to websites and apps. Signing in becomes as easy as a click.

Note: Keys is being rolled out gradually and may not be accessible to all users immediately.

Use ExpressVPN Keys password manager to generate strong passwords.

How a password manager works

Password managers like ExpressVPN Keys can create and remember strong passwords for all your online accounts—and then fill them for you when you sign in. 

All your logins are encrypted in a secure password vault using your primary password—the only password you’ll need to remember—and synced across your devices, ready to use whenever you need them.

ExpressVPN Keys remembers your passwords so you don't have to!

Why you need to use a password manager

Creating and remembering passwords for all your accounts is a hassle, which is why many people use (and reuse) weak passwords. The risk is that this leaves your accounts vulnerable to data breaches and hacks. 

Using a password manager makes your online life easier, faster, and more secure because ExpressVPN Keys can generate long, complex passwords that are safer against brute-force attacks.

No one except you can see the passwords saved in ExpressVPN Keys.

What makes the password manager safe?

ExpressVPN Keys uses zero-knowledge encryption to keep your data private. You’re the only one who can see your passwords.

That’s because only you know the primary password used to encrypt all the logins stored in the password manager. So even if there’s a breach in our secure servers, your data is protected.

ExpressVPN Keys was built by the same security experts behind our industry-leading VPN and blazing-fast Lightway VPN protocol. Like our VPN, the password manager is secure by design and puts you in control of your data.

ExpressVPN Keys was also independently audited by cybersecurity firm Cure53 to ensure its security across all platforms—iOS, Android, and the Keys Chrome extension.

ExpressVPN Keys: Features

Stored logins in ExpressVPN Keys.

Store unlimited passwords

Never worry about running out of space. There’s no limit to how many passwords you can store in your secure password manager.

Autofilled login field.

Autofill into any app or website

Keys automatically detects password fields and offers to fill them in for you, so you can sign in to websites and apps with just one click.

Generate password field.

Generate strong passwords

Keys has a built-in random password generator so you can create strong, unique passwords for every account.

Tablet, smartphone, and laptop.

Sync unlimited devices

Use your passwords at home or on the go. As soon as you store a password in your mobile app, it’ll be available on your desktop browser, and vice versa, for as many devices as you need.

Locked safe with password fields.

Zero-knowledge encryption

Your stored logins can only be decrypted with your primary password, which only you know, or biometrics, which only you have. In other words, your passwords are so secure that even we can’t see them.

ExpressVPN Keys app and gift icon.

Free for ExpressVPN users

Keys is available at no extra cost to ExpressVPN users. The password manager will remain free to use, even after your subscription expires.

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Download a password manager risk-free

Don’t have ExpressVPN yet? Every subscription comes with a full-featured VPN, free access to the password manager, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. No hassle, no risk.