Le Tour de France 2018 live stream options

Published: Nov 30, 2017

No other sporting event asks its competitors to propel themselves around an entire country, all in pursuit of a yellow top. No other event expects the spectators to climb mountains just to watch. And no other event requires the incredible endurance Le Tour demands.

So, are you wondering how to watch Tour de France live?

If you want HD streams free from throttling, a VPN is your best bet.

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How a VPN helps you stream Le Tour de France

It’s actually quite simple. With a VPN, your Internet connection is routed through a country’s server of your choosing. You’re able to browse with an added layer of security and with minimal speed loss.

To watch the Tour de France, simply follow the steps below.

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See streaming options below!

Three ways to watch Le Tour 2018 online with a VPN

There are plenty of sites streaming the Tour de France this year, but here are ExpressVPN’s picks for the three best places to watch online.

Watch the Tour de France live for free on ITV Player (UK)

UK network ITV will have live coverage of the 2017 Tour on ITV 4. You need to sign up but there’s no subscription fee.

check out the itv live streams

Here’s how to watch the UK stream with a VPN:

  1. Connect to a UK ExpressVPN server
  2. Go to http://itv.com/itvplayer/itv4 and sign in, or register for a new account with a UK postcode. (Hint: You can use this nifty postcode finder to enter a valid postcode.)
  3. Start watching!

Stream the 2018 Tour de France live on Francetv Sport

What better way to watch the Tour than on a French channel? This year, FranceTVSport is broadcasting the Tour de France for free on its site. You can catch all the action when you use a VPN.

  1. Connect to any ExpressVPN server in France
  2. Head to http://www.francetvsport.fr/tour-de-france/direct 
  3. Stream the event live!

Catch Le Tour on NBC Sports (USA)

If you prefer an American approach to the Tour, NBC is also streaming the event. Here’s how to catch it in 3 easy steps.

  1. Connect to any of 20 different U.S. ExpressVPN servers
  2. Go to http://tourdefrance.nbcsports.com and sign up or sign in (sorry, a subscription fee may apply)
  3. Stream away

Tour de France 2018 schedule

The 21 stages of Le Tour de France 2018 begin at Fontenay-le-Comte. Thousands of miles later, the winner will arrive at Paris Champs-Élysées.

Each stage usually begins around 2pm CET (French time) and lasts around 3-4 hours.

When are the 2018 Tour de France dates?

Le Tour 2018 is happening July 7th to July 29th.

The route of Le Tour de France changes a little every year, and the 2017 race is no different. Whereas last year’s event took cyclists into Dusseldorf in Germany, Belgium, and Luxembourg, this year’s edition includes a few challenging stages in the Alps, including the scenic L’Alep d’Huez.

With 21 challenging stages, including two timed individual trials, only the best will emerge victorious in the latest edition of Le Tour.

It’s going to be an incredible Tour — so make sure you’re able to watch it with a VPN.

Who will win the yellow jersey?

For the past couple of years, Le Tour has been dominated by the Brits of Team Sky. Chris Froome is still going strong, so he’d be our pick for another win in 2018.

Then again, Romain Bardet remains one of the best contenders around. Can Bardet or someone else beat Froome?

Sound off in the comments! And remember: If you have any questions, ExpressVPN’s live chat service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  

Happy VPNing!

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