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Updated: March 27, 2024

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If you like scoring goals, leading a pack of warriors, or simply enjoy beating your friends in fighting games, Esports offer plenty of opportunities for video game fans to get their fix. Decades after gamers fought for high scores on arcade machines, worldwide tournaments now pit the best eSports players against one another for glory, handsome financial rewards—and, occasionally, a spot in the record books.

Regardless of your favorite Esports streamer’s go-to platform, you can safely and securely enjoy every second of the action with ExpressVPN!

How to watch Esports online with a VPN


Price: Free is among the most popular live streaming platforms. Not only is Twitch free, but you don’t even need to register to watch live Esports streams!


Price: Free

YouTube is home to Esports live streams, videos, and channels dedicated to the action. Just connect to a server location where YouTube is available to securely stream Esports in blazing-fast HD!


Price: Free

Discord is another popular free app that allows for Esports live streaming. Discord is also immensely popular because of its “servers,” which serve as communities for fans to support their favorite streamers and players.


Price: Free allows for your favorite live streamers to showcase their Esports skills. If you’re unable to watch on a computer, Caffeine has mobile apps available on Android and iOS!

Steam TV

Price: Free

Steam is a video game service offering everything from best-selling Triple-A products (such as Grand Theft Auto or The Last of Us) to indie games. Additionally, is another live-streaming platform for gamers to show off their skills—or lack of it! Tune into your favorite streamers on while you enjoy gaming on your Steam Deck.

Can I watch Esports on TV?


Price: Varies

Esports fans can catch ELeague (or EL) on TBS. Gamers compete at the network’s Turner Studios facility in Atlanta and have faced off in everything from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to Street Fighter. TBS is available on Sling TV (35 USD/month), DirecTV Stream (70 USD/month and up, 5-day free trial), Hulu (77 USD/month), and YouTube TV (73 USD/month, 5-day free trial).


Price: FREE

Australia’s Seven network offers live streams of Esports events for free on its streaming platform 7plus

Note: You may need to provide an Australian postcode like 2001 or 3001 to subscribe to 7plus.

What are Esports?

Esports, literally defined as electronic sports, refers to organized professional video game competitions. Gamers face off in everything from sports games (such as Madden or FIFA) and first-person shooters (Call of Duty) to fighters (Super Smash Bros.) and team-based strategy games (League of Legends). According to Statista, the global Esports market was valued at just over 1.38 billion USD in 2022. 

What are the popular games in Esports?

Determining the most popular Esports games is a subjective question, especially given the different genres. However, Esports Charts used the simple metric of hours watched to determine the five most popular Esports games from 2022. League of Legends led the way with 617.77 million hours watched, easily beating No. 2 Counter-Strike: Global Offense (448.41 million hours) and No. 3 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (331.47 million hours).

Other popular Esports games include Dota 2, Fortnite, Super Smash Bros., and World of Warcraft. And yes, 90’s kids, Pokémon is considered an eSports game! The Pokémon World Championships have been held yearly since 2004, outside of pandemic-forced cancellations in 2020 and 2021.

Interestingly, the inaugural Olympic Esports Series 2023 did not include any of those games. Instead, the IOC opted for nine virtual sports: archery, baseball, chess, cycling, dance, motorsport/racing, sailing, taekwondo, and tennis.

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