Live stream NCAA March Madness Basketball 2023 without cable

Updated: September 26, 2023

Watch college hoops securely and in HD with ExpressVPN all season long!

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Live stream NCAA March Madness Basketball 2023 without cable

March Madness certainly lived up to its moniker! Congratulations to Adama Sanogo and the UConn Huskies for winning their fourth national championship! UConn defeated San Diego State on MondayApril 3, to win its first title since 2014. The countdown to next season—and the quest to see if mid-major Florida Atlantic can build off its Final Four run—is officially underway!

There are several streaming options for watching college basketball, including free trial services. 

How to stream 2023 college basketball games live with a VPN

Can’t get enough college hoops? Here’s how to make sure you don’t miss a minute of the action:

    1. Get ExpressVPN.
    2. Connect to the VPN server location that matches the broadcaster you want to watch. For example, if you’d like to stream an American broadcaster, connect to a secure server in the U.S.
    3. Check the schedule of the broadcaster you want to watch, such as Sling TV Blue (40 USD/month), DirecTV Stream (70 USD/month), or YouTube TV (73 USD/month) and use a free trial.
    4. Tune in and enjoy!

Watching on a computer? For the best streaming experience, be sure to use the ExpressVPN browser extension for ChromeFirefox, or Edge.

While you can watch college basketball by connecting to a VPN server location in a country other than your own, doing so may violate copyright or infringe upon your streaming service’s Terms of Use and the ExpressVPN Terms of Service. As a security and privacy tool, ExpressVPN is designed so that no one can see or control what you do when connected to our VPN service—not even us. So you are responsible for verifying that your use complies with all relevant terms and laws. 

Why do you need a VPN to watch college basketball games online?

You’ll want to add ExpressVPN for the perfect college basketball experience. Not only does ExpressVPN offer servers in 94 countries across the globe, all of which are optimized for speed and security, but you can stream every fight live on computers, smartphones, and even smart TVs and gaming consoles. You can have up to eight simultaneous connections, allowing you to watch every fight in blazing-fast HD.

Best VPN for watching the English LIV Golf

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for safely and securely streaming college basketball games. Our high-speed servers allow you to enjoy every game without missing a single shot regardless of your device. ExpressVPN offers easy-to-use apps for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, as well as platforms that other VPN companies may not support, like Linux, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and routers, plus browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. If you need help along the way, ExpressVPN offers 24/7 live chat support and a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee!

Key Features:

  • High-speed servers in 94 countries across the globe, all optimized for speed and security
  • Up to 8 simultaneous connections
  • 5-star customer service with 24/7 live chat support
  • Strict privacy policy: No activity logs and no connection logs
  • Comprehensive support site filled with DIY troubleshooting articles, handy video tutorials, and more
  • The industry’s most advanced VPN server technology, TrustedServer, wipes data on every reboot
  • Our innovative Threat Manager protects your phone from malware and other suspicious tracking apps
  • Next-gen Lightway protocol offers greater speeds, security, and reliability, especially on mobile

Where to watch college basketball games live

Because the broadcasting rights for March Madness are spread across many different channels, if you want to watch every game, you need a comprehensive service that includes all of them. Sling TV Orange, YouTube TV, and Hulu+Live TV are the top cord-cutting services, and all come with a free trial.

Sling TV Orange

Price: 35 USD/month

Sling TV is a good all-around option for college basketball live streams as it will carry all games except those on CBS (though you can get Paramount Plus as an add-on), and is significantly cheaper than other cord-cutting options. Note that you may need a U.S. credit card or PayPal to subscribe.

DirecTV Stream

Price: 70 USD/month and up

DirecTV Stream is on the pricier side but if you prefer a cord-cutting service over an additional streaming app, it’s a great option as the “Choice” package (90 USD/month) includes college networks from the ACC, Big 10, and SEC. DirecTV offers a 5-day free trial. Note that you may need a U.S. credit card and ZIP code (e.g., 90210 or 10011) to sign up.


Price: 65 USD/month
Channels: CBS, TBS, TNT, TruTV

With Hulu+Live TV you’ll be able to live stream just about every NCAA hoops game. Note that you may need a U.S. credit card and ZIP code (e.g., 90210 or 10011) to subscribe. Please note that Hulu does not offer a free trial.

YouTube TV

Price: 73 USD/month
Channels: CBS, TBS, TNT, TruTV

Like Hulu, YouTube TV carries every major network that airs NCAA basketball games, and it offers a 14-day free trial. One extra thing YouTube has going for it is that it’s possible to subscribe to YouTube TV via Google Play, even if you don’t have a U.S. credit/debit card.

Want college hoops on the big screen? Learn about all the ways to get ExpressVPN on your TV.

Stream college basketball games on Paramount Plus

When March Madness begins, Paramount Plus offers every game airing on CBS during the tournament, including the Final Four and national championship game. To watch college basketball on Paramount Plus connect to a secure VPN server location in the U.S. and sign up for Paramount Plus.

College basketball Top 25 rankings

The Associated Press Top 25 releases each Monday during the college basketball season. Here is the most recent AP Top 25 poll.

1.Alabama (29-5) [48 first-place votes]
2.Houston (31-3) [nine first-place votes]
3.Purdue (29-5) [three first-place votes]
4.Kansas (27-7)
5.Texas (26-8)
6.Marquette (28-6)
7.UCLA (29-5) [one first-place vote]
8.Arizona (28-6)
9.Gonzaga (28-5)
10.UConn (25-8)
11.Baylor (22-10)
12.Duke (26-8)
13.Xavier (25-9)
14.Virginia (25-7)
15.Kansas State (23-9)
16.Miami (FL) (25-7)
17.Texas A&M (25-9)
18.San Diego State (27-6)
19.Saint Mary’s (26-7)
20.Tennessee (23-10)
21.Indiana (22-11)
22.TCU (21-12)
23.Missouri (24-9)
24.Memphis (26-8)
25.Florida Atlantic (31-3)

The following teams also received votes: Creighton (94), Oral Roberts (58), Kentucky (39), Iowa State (32), VCU 26, Utah State (15), Penn State (11), Charleston (10), West Virginia (2), Drake (2), Kent State (2), Northwestern (2)

2022-23 NCAA basketball calendar

Date (ET)Event
November 8, 2022 – March 12, 2023Regular season
March 14, 2023 – April 3, 2023Tournament dates
April 3, 2023NCAA Championship game

Bronny James: The Decision

LeBron James’s oldest son, Bronny James, is in his senior year of high school, and college basketball programs have been heavily recruiting him.

 Although not quite the high school phenom that his dad was, Sierra Canyon High School’s 17-year-old point guard was a role player for his first two seasons until becoming a starter last year. He made an impact this summer, though, averaging 16 points, 5.8 rebounds, and 5.3 assists in six Nike Peach Jam games.

Bronny James is currently ranked 38th in the class of 2023, and according to ESPN has received interest from storied programs including Duke, UCLA, USC, Michigan, Ohio State, and Oregon.

UCLA and USC, both in Los Angeles, might have the best chance to land the prospect considering his father’s presence in L.A. LeBron James recently signed a two-year extension with the Lakers.

If you want to see the next generation in action, ESPN is expected to stream nationally-ranked Sierra Canyon’s games this season, so there should be plenty more opportunities to watch Bronny and his teammates in the coming months. 

ExpressVPN is a VPN service not intended to be used as a means of copyright circumvention. Please read the ExpressVPN Terms of Service and your content provider’s Terms of Use for more details.

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  1. I am from Greece and I am waiting to receive a tv-box with O.S. Android 11 in September. Then I will subscribe in your express vpn system because I would like to watching sports channels (college football and basketball) from Sling tv.
    The only problem is my internet connection speed approx. 12 Mpbs.

  2. Im living in Bangkok Thailand and looking to watch the NCAA
    College basketball lives games ( both men & women team
    I just want to know Im I in the right place to do all that ?
    If Can watch those games live … then please guideline me of what to do
    Thank you so much … 🙏

  3. your chat person sent a link for virtual connection; i don’t understand how to use the site to sign up to watch the ncaa basketball tourney that ends tonight

  4. My VPN is slowing down all of the apps on my computer. When I disengage the VPN everything’s back to normal. I have use disconnect in the past and never had issues like this. Now that I have express VPN and paid for it for the year how do I clear or speed up this VPN so that I can have Spotify and have normal usage of my Internet.

  5. Hello,

    I’m trying to watch Kansas vs. Auburn from the UK. I connected to the VPN and tried to access the website in an incognito browser but seems to be blocking me. Please help.

  6. I’m trying to watch March Madness from Canada. I tried to get the iOS app like you instructed, but it says I cannot get it from my app store. What should I do?


  7. Down here in Uganda and would really love to watch this except l cnt coz of the limitations our isps impose on us. The damn bastards as if there overpriced things are not bad enough

    1. Hi ali,

      Don’t let that get in your way! Simply connect to an ExpressVPN U.S. location, open an incognito browser with cleared cookies, and you’ll be all set to watch!

      Which team are you cheering for? 🙂

    1. Hi Adam,

      It is possible there may be some minor loss of speed when connected to servers that are far from your location. However, ExpressVPN is constantly optimizing server speeds and you can use the speed test function to see which servers are best for your location!

  8. i am about to buy express vpn to watch march madness tonight. once I have the app on my macbook pro, how do I find the games?

  9. I’m in BA Argentina and dying to watch the NCAA tournament; the DSL connection in the apartment is poor and there are no sports bars that can get the games. Do you have service here?

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