How to watch Survivor online

Where to watch ‘Survivor’ 45 in 2023 Where to watch ‘Survivor’ 45 in 2023

Survivor Season 45 is almost here! Whether you’re gearing up for the latest season or looking to catch up on the series, we’ve got all the ways to watch Survivor below.

Can I use a VPN to watch ‘Survivor’ in another country?

While viewers outside the U.S. can watch Survivor with a U.S. streaming service by connecting to a U.S. server location, doing so may violate copyright or infringe upon the streaming service’s Terms of Use and the ExpressVPN Terms of Service. As a privacy and security tool, ExpressVPN is designed so that no one can see or control what you do when connected to our VPN service—not even us. So you are responsible for verifying that your use complies with all relevant terms and laws.

How to watch ‘Survivor’ 45 in the U.S.

Watch Survivor with ExpressVPN to bypass throttling restrictions on your network—including schools and offices—and securely stream the show in blazing-fast HD from anywhere. Here are all the ways to stream the series online!

Paramount+ logo.


Price: From 5.99 USD/month
Free trial: Seven-day free trial

When it comes to watching Survivor in the U.S., Paramount Plus has no competition. New episodes will be available to stream once they air, and the platform even carries all past 44 seasons of Survivor so you can binge-watch the entire show in one place. There’s also a seven-day free trial to take advantage of! 

Americans watching with ExpressVPN, be sure to select a U.S. server location.

Logo YouTube TV

YouTube TV

Price: From 73 USD/month
Free trial: Five-day free trial

YouTube TV carries CBS and offers a generous free trial, though you may need to supply a valid U.S. ZIP code (e.g., 30301 or 11222) when signing up. Americans streaming with ExpressVPN, be sure to select a U.S. server location for the best streaming experience.

Fubo logo


Price: From 75 USD/month
Free trial: Seven-day free trial

Another great cord-cutter, Fubo carries CBS, so you can watch Survivor episodes as they air weekly. Note that you may need to supply a valid U.S. ZIP code (e.g., 30301 or 11222) to sign up for the service. Americans streaming with ExpressVPN, be sure to select a U.S. server location.

Hulu logo.

Hulu + Live TV

Price: From 77 USD/month
Free trial: None

Hulu + Live TV also carries CBS, so you can keep up with the latest episodes of Survivor 45 as they air. You may have to supply a valid U.S. ZIP code (e.g., 30301 or 11222) and credit card when signing up. At the moment, Hulu + Live TV doesn’t offer a free trial. 

On regular Hulu, you can enjoy select installments of the hit show: Seasons 2-7, 20-25, and 37-42. New users can take advantage of a 30-day free trial.

Americans watching with ExpressVPN, be sure to select a U.S. server location.

How to watch ‘Survivor’ 45 in Canada

Global TV Canada logo

Global TV

Price: Depends on TV provider
Free trial: None

Canadian streaming platform Global TV will air the latest season of Survivor. Episodes can be streamed on-demand for free in the first seven days after the broadcast, after which you’ll need to sign in with a TV provider to stream.

Canadians streaming with ExpressVPN, be sure to select a Canada server location.

How to watch ‘Survivor’ 45 in Australia

9Now logo.


Price: Free
Free trial: N/A

If you’re in Australia, 9Now is perfect for live streaming the latest season of Survivor—and it’s totally free! Simply create an account to get started with streaming Survivor Season 45 when it airs.

Aussies streaming with ExpressVPN, be sure to select an Australia server location for the best experience.

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How to watch ‘Survivor’ 45 for free

Survivor 45 will be streaming for free on Australian streaming service 9Now. You can also make use of free trials from other platforms such as Paramount Plus and YouTube TV to catch the show for free!

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What is ‘Survivor’ about?

Survivor is a competitive, elimination-style reality TV show where a group of contestants is stranded in an isolated location and have to live off the land. Besides trying to survive, contestants will also compete in challenges for rewards and immunity from being eliminated during the “Tribal Council”—an event where tribe members will be voted out. The last remaining contestant will be crowned the “Sole Survivor,” taking home a 1 million dollar USD cash prize.

'Survivor 45' First Look Trailer | New Season This Fall

The U.S. version of the series, which started all the way back in 2000, is dubbed “one of the greatest TV shows of all time” and has won several Emmys, including “Outstanding Host for a Reality or Reality-Competition Program” for its long-standing host, Jeff Probst.

Survivor 45 premiere date

‘Survivor’ 45 release date

Survivor Season 45 premiered on September 27, 2023 at 8 p.m. ET. The new season also marks a big shift in airtime, from 60-minute to 90-minute episodes every week. If the past seasons are anything to go by, Survivor 45 will likely consist of 13 episodes.

Who is in the ‘Survivor’ Season 45 cast?

Cast of Survivor 44

Survivor castaways span a wide range of ages and backgrounds from all around the U.S. and other parts of the world. Here’s the full list of contestants in Survivor Season 45:

  • Austin, 26, graduate student

  • Brandon D., 26, content producer

  • Brandon M., 23, software developer

  • Bruce, 47, insurance agent

  • Dee, 26, entrepreneur

  • Drew, 23, graduate student

  • Emily, 28, investment analyst 

  • Hannah, 33, therapist

  • Jake, 26, attorney

  • Janani, 24, singer

  • Julia, 49, estate attorney

  • Kaleb, 29, software sales

  • Katurah, 35, civil right attorney

  • Kellie, 30, critical care nurse

  • Kendra, 31, bartender

  • Nicholas, 30, gym owner

  • Sabiyah, 28, truck driver

  • Sean, 35, school principal

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