Where and how to watch Bling Empire: New York

Where to watch Bling Empire: New York Where to watch Bling Empire: New York

Bling Empire: New York burned bright and fast. Witness the lavish lifestyles and delicious drama that took the world by storm, the show might be canceled, but here's how you can binge every episode.

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How to watch all episodes of Bling Empire: New York

Bling Empire: New York is available exclusively on Netflix.

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What is Bling Empire: New York about?

Bling Empire: New York | Official Clip | Netflix

Bling Empire is best summed up as the reality TV equivalent of Crazy Rich Asians. Centered around a group of wealthy East and Southeast Asian socialities, the show hones in on their lifestyles, relationships, and all the ups and downs that follow. A spin-off of the LA-based flagship series, Bling Empire: New York takes their influence further—bringing a new cast of jet-setters all the way to the Big Apple.

How and where to watch Bling Empire: New York

Is Bling Empire: New York canceled?

After one season of Bling Empire: New York, and three seasons of Bling Empire, Netflix has canceled both shows. While it might be the end of the franchise, episodes remain on the service to binge.

Who is the cast of
Bling Empire: New York?

Bling Empire: New York Season 1 | Official Teaser | Netflix

In keeping with its focus on ultra-elite Asians, the cast comprises a mix of familiar and new faces. Here’s who you can expect to see:

  • Dorothy Wang, actor and entrepreneur

  • Stephen Hung, entrepreneur and businessman, husband of Deborah Valdez-Hung

  • Deborah Valdez-Hung, lawyer and businesswoman, wife of Stephen Hung

  • Tina Leung, model, blogger, and stylist

  • Richard Chang, chief growth officer and philanthropist, partner of Vika

  • Vika, travel enthusiast, partner of Richard Chang

  • Lynn Ban, jewelry designer

  • Blake Abbie, editor-at-large


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