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Where to watch ‘Shark Tank’ Season 15Where to watch ‘Shark Tank’ Season 15

Get behind the curtains of the world of start-up investments in Shark Tank. Entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to investors, aiming for the perfect bite of success; here’s how to watch!

Can I use a VPN to watch ‘Shark Tank’ in another country?

While you can watch Shark Tank by connecting to a VPN server location in a country other than your own, doing so may infringe upon your streaming service’s and ExpressVPN’s terms of use. ExpressVPN is a security and privacy tool, not intended to be used for copyright circumvention. By design, we cannot see or control what you do when connected to our VPN service, so we must insist that you respect the entertainment industry and always honor the terms of use.

Where to watch ‘Shark Tank’ online in the U.S.

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Price: From 8 USD/month
Free trial: Seven-day free trial (Regular Hulu only)

Hulu offers a couple of ways to watch Shark Tank. Past seasons are available on demand on regular Hulu, and episodes from Season 15 will stream on-demand the day after they air. Hulu + Live TV also carries ABC, so you can stream the new season as it airs—though there's no free trial for Hulu + Live TV at the moment.

When signing up, you may have to supply a valid U.S. ZIP code (e.g., 30301 or 11222) and credit card. American fans watching with ExpressVPN, be sure to select a U.S. server location.

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Price: From 75 USD/month
Free trial: Seven-day free trial

Fubo also offers a few ways to watch Shark Tank, though not nearly as comprehensive as Hulu. Seasons 4, 6, 8, 11, and 12 are streaming on-demand, and you can watch Season 15 live as it airs, as Fubo carries ABC too. Note that you may have to supply a valid U.S. ZIP code (e.g., 30301 or 11222) and credit card when signing up. American fans watching with ExpressVPN, be sure to select a U.S. server location.

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How to watch ‘Shark Tank’ for free

Unfortunately, Shark Tank does not stream on the best free streaming services. You can use free trials from various streaming services, such as Hulu, to binge the show for free during the trial period.

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What is ‘Shark Tank’ about?

Kinfield Owner Is Overwhelmed With The Offers From The Sharks | Shark Tank US | Shark Tank Global

Shark Tank is an exhilarating TV show where inventors and entrepreneurs dive into the deep waters of business pitching. Presenting their ingenious ideas to a panel of savvy investors, known as "sharks," who can choose to take a bite by investing in the ventures. It's a high-stakes game of negotiation, innovation, and entrepreneurship, where a handshake can transform a fledgling idea into a flourishing business. With famous sharks like Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran in the tank, the show offers a look at the cutthroat world of startups.

Shark Tank season 15 release date

‘Shark Tank’ Season 15 release date

Season 15 of Shark Tank airs from September 29, 2023, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. Episodes air weekly.

‘Shark Tank’ 2023 cast

Shark Tank cast

Pitching your idea is no easy feat, and contestants have to do it to some of the biggest names in the start-up world. Meet the investors, or sharks, who’ll appear throughout the show:

  • Barbara Corcoran

  • Mark Cuban

  • Lori Grenier

  • Robert Herjavec

  • Daymond John

  • Kevin O’Leary

  • Emma Grede

  • Peter Jones CBE

  • Daniel Lubetzky

  • Gwyneth Paltrow

  • Tony Xu

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