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Where to watch Say Yes to the Dress

Get ready for tulle, tiaras, and tearful moments with Say Yes to the Dress Season 22, as more brides-to-be head to Kleinfeld in search of their perfect wedding dress. Here’s how to watch the latest season of SYTTD online.

Where to stream Say Yes to the Dress

Say Yes to the Dress airs on cable network TLC, with episodes available to stream the same day on Discovery+. Don’t have cable? You can also livestream TLC through cord-cutting services such as Philo, YouTube TV, and Hulu + Live TV. Meanwhile, 7plus and ThreeNow also carry select episodes of SYTTD spin-offs.

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Watch Say Yes to the Dress on TLC

TLC (a.k.a The Learning Channel) is a U.S. cable channel that’s home to the SYTTD show, along with all past episodes. You can stream TLC online via or with the TLC GO app—though you’ll need to provide the credentials of a U.S. cable or satellite subscription, or a cord-cutting service.

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How to stream Say Yes to the Dress on Discovery Plus

Discovery+ is the online streaming service of The Discovery Channel. Fans of SYTTD can catch every episode on Discovery+ the same day it airs on TLC, or stream episodes from past seasons. A seven-day free trial is available for new users.

Discovery+ is currently available in the U.S., the UK, Denmark, Finland, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, and Spain.

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Watch Say Yes to the Dress on Max

Max is the name of the freshly merged HBO Max and Discovery Plus streaming service. While HBO Max was home to prestige TV, Max brings reality content from Discovery into the fold, including Say Yes to the Dress. New episodes stream the same day they air on TLC.

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Watch SYTTD online on Philo

Philo carries over 60 live channels, one of which is TLC. Simply search for the channel to stream Say Yes to the Dress live as it airs. There’s also a seven-day free trial!

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Stream Say Yes to the Dress on YouTube TV

YouTube TV also includes several entertainment channels such as TLC. It’s another way to catch every episode live (including all the past seasons!), and there’s a 14-day free trial. You may need to supply a valid U.S. ZIP code (e.g., 30301 or 11222). Meanwhile, on regular YouTube, you can watch snippets and highlights of past episodes on the SYTTD channel.

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Watch Say Yes to the Dress on Hulu + Live TV

As the name suggests, Hulu + Live TV is a popular cord-cutting option that offers several TV channels, including TLC. Simply search for TLC to tune in to the show on Sunday nights—though note that you may need to supply a valid U.S. ZIP code (e.g., 30301 or 11222).

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Stream SYTTD Atlanta for free on 7plus

A spin-off of the main series, Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta features the iconic duo Lori Allen and Monte Durham. Though there hasn’t been any new seasons since 2020, you can still watch select past episodes for free. Australian streaming service 7plus has a few episodes of SYTTD: Atlanta Season 9, and you can stream it all for free after signing up!

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How to watch SYTTD UK for free on ThreeNow

You guessed it—Say Yes to the Dress: UK is the transatlantic counterpart to the original series, and it stars fashion designer David Emanuel (best known for designing Princess Diana’s wedding dress). Fans of the show in New Zealand are in luck, as ThreeNow carries seasons 1-3 of SYTTD UK. And yes, they’re all totally free to stream upon signup!

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What is Say Yes to the Dress about?

Say Yes to the Dress US with Randy Fenoli

Say Yes to the Dress (SYTTD) is a reality TV show that follows various brides on their dress shopping journey in the New York bridal boutique Kleinfeld. They’re helped by Kleinfeld’s own consultants and assistants, including Randy Fenoli, Dorothy Silver, and Nicole Sacco, who offer fashion advice and encouragement to help these brides find the perfect look for their big day. Along the way, there’s no shortage of doubts and drama from both fiances and bridal entourages. Will every bride be able to leave Kleinfeld with their dream dress?

The immensely popular Say Yes to the Dress franchise has spawned a number of local and international spin-offs such as SYTTD: Atlanta, SYTTD: Bridesmaids, SYTTD: Lancashire, and SYTTD: Ireland.

SYTTD US bride

Say Yes to the Dress 2023 release date

SYTTD Season 22 started airing on Saturday, February 4, 2023 at 8 p.m. ET, with new episodes dropping weekly at the same time. One episode typically features two or three different brides and their individual appointments, and the more recent seasons have averaged 10 episodes apiece.

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