How to Watch Who Is The Wolf Online

Abema’s successful romantic reality show, Who Is The Wolf, is back for a new season on Netflix, under the name Is She The Wolf? Here's everything you need to know about the show.

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Where to watch Who Is The Wolf

Abema is the main platform for the first 13 seasons, while the latest season is only available on Netflix.

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Watch Who Is The Wolf on Abema

Seasons 1 to 13 of Who Is The Wolf? series were released exclusively on Abema in Japan. In order to watch the series, you need to register for Abema Premium with a subscription fee of 960 yen (tax included) per month. Be sure to take advantage of Abema’s a 14-day free trial.

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Watch Who Is The Wolf on Netflix

Who Is The Wolf? Season 14 is available on Netflix Japan. The new season will be available on global Netflix libraries in fall 2023.

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What is Who is the Wolf about?

Who is the Wolf is one of the most popular dating reality shows in Japan. Since its premiere on Abema in February 2017, the series has shot up in popularity among Japanese female teens. By 2022, there are 13 seasons released on Abema. The latest season 14 is only available on Netflix Japan, as a result of a content partnership between Abema and Netflix. Season 14 will be released on global Netflix in late 2023 under the name Is She The Wolf?

What are the rules of Who Is The Wolf?

The show features a group of men and women, searching for true love. However, among the members, there is at least one "wolf" who should never fall in love.

Viewers will follow what’s happening in their relationship but also will try to find who the wolf/ wolves could be. Wolves can be anyone, either male or female, and vary from season to season. If the season title is "Who is the Ookami-kun (Mr. Wolf)”, it means that the wolf is lurking with a male contestant, and if it is "Who is the Ookami-chan (Ms. Wolf)”, it means that the wolf is a female contestant. However, Season 12 was an exception, with the wolves coming from both genders! As a rule, wolves can't have a relationship, even if they fall in love with someone. In addition to these basic rules, there are also seasonal rules. Will the members be able to find true love without being distracted by wolves?!

How many seasons of Who is the Wolf series are there?

As of 2023, there have been 14 seasons of Who Is The Wolf.

Seasons of Who is the Wolf Japan
Season Title Date Service

Who are this year’s Who is the Wolf? contestants?

Who Is The Wolf? Season 14 features 10 male and 10 female contestants in their 20s and 30s. The “Ookami-chan” of the season is a female contestant.

Female contestants of Who Is The Wolf? Season 14:

  • Sakurako Okubo, actor

  • Gabby, model

  • JU!iE, singer-songwriter

  • Honoka Nishimura, talent

  • Mikako, singer/dancer

Male contestants of Who Is The Wolf? Season 14:

  • Tomoki Yonemura, aspiring to be an actor

  • Who-ya, artist

  • Masaki Nakao, actor

  • Taiju Shiratori, martial artist

  • Robin Furuya, photographer

Who are this year’s Who is the Wolf? contestants?

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