Using Facebook, YouTube and Spotify at school.

Unblock websites at school with a VPN

Many schools block popular websites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Spotify, prohibiting students and faculty from visiting them.

Use ExpressVPN to access your social media accounts, unblock your favorite entertainment sites, and stay connected with friends and family.

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ExpressVPN has easy-to-use apps for all your favorite devices, so you can get set up in five minutes.

Use the best school VPN in 3 steps

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Connect to a server location where your favorite sites aren’t blocked.

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Enjoy any website and online service at school.

A VPN helps students and teachers freely access the internet at school

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Why a VPN for school is better than a proxy

It’s important to make the distinction between using a proxy and using a VPN. For one, VPNs typically provide much faster speeds and connections, as random proxy servers are usually choked with heavy traffic. And while random proxy networks may be free, they might be selling your data to the highest bidder.

ExpressVPN is a VPN service that hides your IP address and encrypts your traffic by routing it through any one of 160 secure VPN server locations that you choose when you connect. With dedicated apps for every device, ExpressVPN lets you encrypt your network and access popular sites at home and on the go.

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YouTube on a desktop with an open padlock.

Unblock YouTube at school

YouTube is frequently blocked by school and university Wi-Fi networks because the video site is seen as a distraction to students. This also prevents school faculty and other staff members from accessing YouTube. Meanwhile, some countries block YouTube for political reasons, and some content creators only make their videos available for viewing in certain regions.

But there’s an easy way to watch any movie or video on YouTube, wherever you are. Using a VPN will help you gain access to YouTube and all its latest viral videos.

Learn more about unblocking YouTube with a VPN.

Unblock Facebook at school

Some school Wi-Fi networks block Facebook to keep students from spending too much time browsing social media.

Whether you’re a student, a teacher, or just visiting campus, simply use a VPN to access Facebook and stay connected with your family and friends. As a bonus, your connection will also remain private and secure.

Learn more about unblocking Facebook with a VPN.

Access all your favorite websites and apps over school Wi-Fi

ExpressVPN unblocks the most popular social media and online services at school. Simply connect to a VPN server in a country where the site you’re trying to access is not blocked, and enjoy:

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Note: According to the ExpressVPN Terms of Service, you must be at least eighteen (18) years of age to create an account.

What else can I do with ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN lets you defeat censorship in places that block access to certain sites like Google, Netflix, and Hulu. Use ExpressVPN to access the entire internet with added privacy and security.

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