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The mockumentary series Jury Duty premiered on April 7, 2023, and delighted many online. You’ve probably seen it pop up on your social media feeds or heard your friends talk about it; here’s everything you need to know about Jury Duty.

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What is Jury Duty about?

Jury Duty Season 1 Trailer

The outrageously-premised Jury Duty follows an unsuspecting person, Ronald Glennan, placed in the center of a phony trial as a jury member amongst actors. Filmed under the guise of a “documentary,” the semi-scripted show takes us through the inner workings of a supposed jury trial. In one particularly funny twist, the actor James Marsden plays an exaggerated version of himself.

Glennan’s ignorance of what’s actually going on—and his ability to somehow take everything in stride—makes Jury Duty such a fun show. Watch him react to hijinks, outrageous testimonies, and other courtroom antics as he goes through this comically unorthodox trial. The series is co-written by The Office writers Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky.

Jury Duty Season release date

When did season 1 of Jury Duty premiere?

Jury Duty premiered on April 7, 2023, on Freevee (formerly IMDb TV). Two episodes dropped weekly every Friday, with the season finale streaming on April 21. All eight episodes of Jury Duty are available on demand now.

Where to watch Jury Duty online

Jury Duty is available to stream on Freevee (formerly IMDb TV), and can also be accessed by its paid sister channel Amazon Prime Video.

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Freevee is an ad-supported free streaming service. It is home to a wide collection of movies, series, and Freevee Originals like Jury Duty. All eight episodes of the show are available to binge right now.

To stream on Freevee, you’ll only need an Amazon account. You do not require an Amazon, Amazon Prime, or Amazon Prime Video subscription. Freevee is currently only available in the U.S., UK, and Germany.

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Watch Jury Duty on Prime Video

If you're in a country where Freevee isn't available, you may be able to watch Jury Duty for free on Prime Video. Note that you will need an existing Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscription to access the streamer.

Who is in the cast of Jury Duty Season 1?

Watch Jury Duty

Ronald Glennan might’ve genuinely signed up for jury duty; everyone else was in on the joke. Here’s the complete cast list of Jury Duty and where you might’ve seen them:

  • Alan Barinholtz as Judge Rosen: Barinholtz is a real-life attorney and actor. Prior to Jury Duty, he made appearances in the Hulu show History of the World: Part 2 and the movie The Oath. He is the father of comedy actor Ike Barinholtz.

  • Brandon Loeser as juror Tim: Loeser is a stuntman who has appeared in Silicon Valley and Westworld.

  • Cassandra Blair as juror Vanessa: Before Jury Duty, the actress was on several shows, including NCIS: Hawaii, Hacks, 9-1-1, and Westworld.

  • David Brown as juror Todd: Aside from making minor appearances on some shows, Brown is also part of the comedy troupe Helltrap Nightmare and the sketch group The Shrimp Boys.

  • Edy Modica as juror Jeannie: Before appearing in Jury Duty, Modica appeared in various short films such as The Flesh and Made for Love.

  • Ishmel Sahid as juror Lonnie: The actor is most recognized for his role on the Nickelodeon TV show Cousins for Life.

  • James Marsden as himself: The Hollywood actor is most known for his roles in Enchanted, The Notebook, Westworld, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Sex Drive (he proudly declares this in episode one).

  • Kirk Fox as juror Pat: The actor is best known for his roles on the hit comedy series Community, Parks and Recreation, and Reservation Dogs.

  • Maria Russell as juror Inez: The actress has appeared in several TV shows such as Teen Wolf, General Hospital, and The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window.

  • Mekki Leeper as juror Noah: Lepper is one of the co-writers of Jury Duty. He has also appeared on the HBO series The Sex Lives of College Girls.

  • Pramode Kumar as juror Ravi: Best recognized for his recurring role on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the actor has played minor roles in shows and films such as in the DC film Birds of Prey.

  • Rashida 'Sheedz' Olayiwola as Officer Nikki: Prior to Jury Duty, Olayiwola served as an actress and writer on the comedy shows Sherman’s Showcase and South Side.

  • Ron Song as juror Ken Hyun: Before Jury Duty, Song had minor roles in shows like Netflix ’s From Scratch and Gaslit.

  • Ronald Glennan as himself: Glennan is not an actor. Jury Duty is the first time he’s appeared on a show—and he didn’t know it!

  • Ross Kimball as juror Ross: While he has made one-episode appearances on many shows, Kimball is probably best known for hosting the podcast Good At Parties.

  • Susan Berger as juror Barbara: Berger has made appearances in a variety of TV shows, from American Horror Story to Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 2 Broke Girls, and even Grey’s Anatomy.

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