How to watch Back in the Groove

Where to watch Back in the Groove

Looking for more dating reality shows to binge-watch? Back in the Groove is right up your alley! Read on for all the ways to stream Back in the Groove online.

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Where can I watch Back in the Groove online?

Back in the Groove is available exclusively on Hulu. If you’re new to the service, there’s a 1-month free trial to take advantage of—which should be plenty of time to stream the series!

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What's Back in the Groove about?

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Back in the Groove might seem like dozens of other dating reality series, with a group of single women and men looking for love as they’re put together in a romantic beachside resort. But instead of an equal number of the sexes, the show follows three, ahem, more mature single ladies—all at the ripe old age of 40-something—as they try to “get their groove back” by dating through a pool of 24 much younger men. That’s right, it’s an age-gap dating show. And reportedly, there’s a male contestant who’s the son of one of the women. Gasp!

The eight-episode show is hosted by actor Taye Diggs (whose big break came when he starred as the much younger male suitor in 1998’s How Stella Got Her Groove Back), while Elan Gale (who’s worked on The Bachelor and FBoy Island) serves as showrunner.

Back in the Groove TV show

What’s the release date for Back in the Groove?

Back in the Groove premiered on December 5, 2022, with two new episodes released nightly until the season finale on December 8, 2022.

Who is in the Back in the Groove cast?

Back in the Groove show contestants

The show revolves around three older women: Beauty entrepreneur and media personality Sparkle, actress and singer Steph, and personal trainer Brooke. Here’s the list of the 24 men vying for their affections:

  • Akio, 29, from Miami

  • Billy, 28, from New York City

  • Cru, 30, from Provo, Utah

  • Diogo, 28, from Los Angeles

  • Domonic, 29, from Chesapeake

  • Enrico, 29, from New York City

  • Gary, 30, from Cleveland

  • Giuseppe, 29, from Las Vegas

  • Gregg, 31, from Los Angeles and Phoenix

  • Hunter, 26, from Tucson

  • Josh Taylor, 24, from Cape Town, South Africa, and Miami

  • Josh Teasley, 31, from Los Angeles

  • Lee, 27, from Ann Arbor, Michigan

  • Leroy, 28, from Philadelphia

  • Luis, 28, from Miami

  • Matt B, 30, from Nashville

  • Matt F, 28, from Atlanta

  • Mike, 25, from Los Angeles

  • Quentin, 29, from Atlanta

  • Remy, 27, from Indianapolis

  • Robert, 28, from Cranston

  • Steven, 22, from Miami

  • Tashi, 32, from San Francisco

  • Tate, 25, from San Antonio

Rounding out the cast are the ever-charming host, Taye Diggs, and the "hotel receptionist" Pedro, who bids eliminated suitors adieu.


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