Where to Watch I’m Solo Online

I'm Solo (also known as I Am Solo) is a buzzy dating show from South Korea. We’ve got you covered with all the ways to watch I’m Solo Season 15.

Can I use a VPN to watch ‘I'm Solo’ in another country?

While you can watch I'm Solo by connecting to a VPN server location in a country other than your own, doing so may infringe upon your streaming service’s and ExpressVPN’s terms of use. ExpressVPN is a security and privacy tool, not intended to be used for copyright circumvention. By design, we cannot see or control what you do when connected to our VPN service, so we must insist that you respect the entertainment industry and always honor the terms of use.

Where to Watch I’m Solo Season 15

I’m Solo airs every Wednesday at 10:30 p.m. KST. Watch it live on ENA Play and SBS Plus.

Watch I’m Solo on SBS Plus

Catch up on the lastest episode of I'm Solo on SBS Plus. SBS Plus replays are provided in normal, high, and ultra-high definition, and VOD and on-air free passes are available for 6,600 won per month.

Stream I’m Solo on Coupang Play

Coupang Play is a free streaming service for Coupang Wow members in Korea. The latest episode of I’m Solo streams on Coupang Play every Wednesday right after it airs, making it the best option for those who can't watch it live but want to see the latest episode ASAP.

Watch I’m Solo on TVING

TVING is another great streaming service for Korea to keep up with episodes of I’m Solo. TVING offers a variety of original content, popular entertainment, movies and international series, such as Transit Love, Hopping Earth Arcade, and Outside the Tent Europe. TVING offers a number of free trials, such as with an eligible Naver Plus membership, though that requires a valid Korean contact number.

Wavve logo.

Watch I’m Solo on Wavve

Wavve is another Korean streaming service that gives you access to various broadcast shows, original content, movies and international series from the likes of HBO and more. If you’re new to Wavve, be sure to take advantage of the low 100-won sign-up fee for new subscribers.

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Stream I’m Solo on Netflix

Have a Netflix account? It’s another terrific way to catch up on I’m Solo. Netflix has four seasons of the show, which covers parts one to 13.

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What is I’m Solo about?

I’m Solo is a 'hyper-realistic dating program where single men and women who desperately want to get married struggle to find love.' 12 contestants navigate dating scenarios in the search for the perfect partner, with the hopes to get married. This season, a couple will actually get married! You’re going to have to watch to find out who is the lucky pair? I’m Solo is co-produced by and aired on ENA and SBS. Haena Song, Defconn, and Yikyung Lee host the show.

I’m Solo Season 15 release date

I’m Solo premiered on June 7, 2023, and airs every Wednesday at 10:30 p.m. KST. Watch it live on ENA Play and SBS Plus.

I’m Solo Season 15 cast

  • Gwangsu: 35 years old, lawyer

  • Hyeon-sook: 31 years old, working at an architect firm

  • Jung Sook: 34 years old, M&A advisor

  • Oksoon: 32 years old, running a ballet academy

  • Sangcheol: 32 years old, researcher

  • Sunja: 32 years old, office worker

  • Yeongcheol: 38 years old, office worker

  • Yeongsu: 39 years old accountant

  • Youngho: 32 years old, consultant

  • Youngsik: 35 years old, office worker

  • Youngsook: 32 years old, estimated office worker

  • Young Ja: 31 years old, Daechi-dong academy English instructor


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