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How to Watch Too Hot To Handle Season 5

Sexy and flirty singles come together to compete for the ultimate cash prize by staying celibate. Will they succeed? Find out when you watch Too Hot To Handle!

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Where to watch Too Hot To Handle

Where to watch Too Hot To Handle

Want to get in on the action? Netflix is where it’s at! Too Hot To Handle streams exclusively on the platform, with all past seasons readily available to binge.

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What is Too Hot To Handle about?

Too Hot To Handle: Season 5 | Date Announcement | Netflix

The wet towel of all dating shows is here! Too Hot To Handle puts a group of sexy singles to the ultimate test—staying celibate. They can flirt, and they can tease, but they’ve got to keep it in their pants. It’ll get all sorts of dirty as they try to outlast one another.

The winner goes home with a 20,000 USD cash prize, while losers will have to leave the show after the most costly hook-up of their life. Thinking with your head (not that one) has never been more important.

Too Hot To Handle Season 5 release date

When does Too Hot To Handle Season 5 premiere?

Too Hot To Handle Season 5 premieres July 14, 2023. Season 4 was released as a two-parter, so it’s likely that Season 5 will follow suit.

Too Hot To Handle
Season 5 Cast

Too Hot To Handle Cast

Meet the sexy singles of Too Hot To Handle Season 5:

  • Alex, 28

  • Christine

  • Courtney, 25

  • Dre, 23

  • Elys

  • Hannah, 23

  • Hunter

  • Issac, 24

  • Louis, 22

  • Megan, 26

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