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No matter where you travel, ExpressVPN wants you to feel safe when connecting online. Our ExpressVPN service gives you peace of mind—as well as privacy—whether you’re home in Rome or traveling outside of Italy.

Our virtual private network (VPN) delivers reliable online security and browsing freedom. Our service masks your Internet Protocol (IP) address and encrypts your data while it’s in transit.

Additionally, ExpressVPN allows you to access your favorite Italian content no matter where you travel across the world. When you use ExpressVPN, your internet service provider (ISP) will only be able to see encrypted traffic. Travel from Milan to Capri, or go abroad, knowing that your online activities are safe.

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Ensure your internet privacy

Access public Wi-Fi hotspots easily—and with peace of mind—when you have an ExpressVPN account. The service conceals your IP address and encrypts data to prevent third-party access so you can safely browse whether you’re in Italy, England, or the U.S. ExpressVPN is committed to delivering a safe, private online experience for our subscribers in Italy and around the globe.

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Why people choose ExpressVPN

Secure and fast VPN in the Italy

  Работает на всех устройствах

Мы предлагаем приложения для Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, роутеров и Linux.

  Быстрый, надежный и без ограничений

Неограниченные пропускная способность и количество переключений между серверами!

  Техподдержка днем и ночью

Поддержка в чате 7 дней в неделю.

How to get a VPN for Italy

Купить подписку ExpressVPN account.

Загрузить и установить приложения на свои устройства.

Подключиться к одному из наших серверов из приложения.

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