How to use a VPN with Kodi

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How to install a VPN for Kodi in 3 easy steps

Step 1

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Sign up for ExpressVPN and its blazing-fast service.

Step 2

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Connect to a secure ExpressVPN server location.

Step 3

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Start using Kodi with a VPN on your favorite device.

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What is Kodi?

Kodi (previously known as XBMC) is home media center software that lets you watch movies, listen to music, play games, and organize photos. Unlike other similar platforms like Apple TV or Chromecast, Kodi is 100% free and open-source.

That makes Kodi extremely customizable. You can change almost any element of the interface, including predefined themes and custom backgrounds, to create your own personalized viewing experience.

Kodi’s active community of users and developers makes it the home media platform of choice for power users. You can take your Kodi experience to the next level by using a VPN to watch Kodi with speed, security, and privacy.

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Kodi movie selection screen on a TV monitor.

Why should I use a VPN for Kodi?

To empower your add-ons

Unblock Everything

Many add-ons are unavailable in certain locations, or have their functionality censored by different networks. ExpressVPN lets you change your virtual location so your add-ons will run smoothly from anywhere.

To prevent ISP logging

Prevent ISP logging

Some ISPs may keep logs of your internet activity, including the content you view through Kodi. ExpressVPN encrypts your web traffic so ISPs and other third parties can’t read your traffic.

ExpressVPN also keeps no activity logs and no connection logs for maximum privacy.

For superior leak protection

Superior leak protection

ExpressVPN’s Network Lock (a.k.a. kill switch) stops all traffic if your device disconnects from the VPN for any reason. This prevents any leaks outside the secure VPN tunnel.

ExpressVPN also runs its own private, zero-knowledge DNS on every server to prevent DNS leaks.

How to set up a VPN for Kodi

Some users set up VPN on their device through a “Kodi VPN manager” add-on, but this usually requires a lot of extra configuration. Instead, ExpressVPN users can simply install the ExpressVPN app on their device and minimize it to run in the background.

Kodi VPN setup guides:

You can also put a VPN for Kodi on your Amazon Fire TV (or Fire Stick), Nvidia Shield, and Kodi Box.

Do I need a VPN for Kodi?

Without a VPN, ISPs can see and record your internet traffic. This not only includes activity in your web browser, like browsing and search history, but all traffic from any application that uses the internet, including Kodi and any other home media center.

So, if you don’t want your internet service provider monitoring or logging the content you download and watch with Kodi, use a VPN to take back your privacy.

Kodi VPN security benefits

Internet traffic running through VPN tunnel from user's device to the internet.

ExpressVPN sets up an encrypted tunnel between your Kodi device and the internet. This means your ISP can no longer read your traffic and cannot log, monitor, or sell your download or streaming activity. ExpressVPN itself keeps no activity logs and no connection logs so you can use Kodi as privately as possible.

ExpressVPN also routes all your traffic (including Kodi) through a proxy server. This means your true IP address is hidden and replaced with a new one that cannot be traced back to you. To any sites or apps you visit, as well as any peers on your network, your internet activity appears to be coming from a shared VPN proxy server.

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FAQ: Using a VPN with Kodi

Can I use ExpressVPN to watch more content with Kodi?

Yes! If you’re in a country where some sites and services are censored, ExpressVPN will help you access content as if you were in a different country.*

Does ExpressVPN come bundled together with Kodi software?

No. You’ll still need to download and install Kodi separately. Visit the official Kodi website to download the latest build for your device.

Does ExpressVPN have an app inside Kodi?

No. ExpressVPN runs best as its own native app. This provides the optimum balance of speed and stability, plus better leak protection for maximum privacy.

On what devices can I watch Kodi with a VPN?

ExpressVPN has easy-to-use apps for Windows, Mac, Android, routers, and Linux so you can watch Kodi with a VPN on a wide range of devices. To watch Kodi with VPN on any Wi-Fi-enabled device, get ExpressVPN for your home or office router.

What else can I do with ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN works on a wide range of streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and HBO Go/Now. It’s also a quick and easy way to protect against hackers when connecting to unsecured public Wi-Fi, and to defeat online censorship while traveling.

Read up on the five best ways to use a VPN.

ExpressVPN is a VPN service not intended to be used as a means of copyright circumvention. Please read the ExpressVPN Terms of Service and Kodi Terms of Use for more details.

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