How to buy and set up an ExpressVPN Tomato FlashRouter


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This tutorial guide will show you how to purchase, connect, and configure an ExpressVPN Tomato FlashRouter.

Note: You can purchase a plug-and-play Tomato FlashRouter, which is pre-configured with one of ExpressVPN’s servers. Or you can purchase an unconfigured Tomato FlashRouter and configure it yourself.

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Purchase an ExpressVPN Tomato FlashRouter
Connect your ExpressVPN Tomato FlashRouter at home
Configure your ExpressVPN Tomato FlashRouter with a VPN server

Purchase an ExpressVPN Tomato FlashRouter

Go to the ExpressVPN section of

Select one of ExpressVPN’s Tomato FlashRouters and click ADD TO CART.

purchase an expressvpn tomato flashrouter from

On the next screen, select a Support Plan and Warranty.  FYI, all FlashRouters come with 3 months of basic support and a 90-day warranty — FREE.

Feeling generous? Select an amount to donate to Open Source Donations.


select a support plan and warranty type

Click View cart & checkout.

head to the checkout

Now you can review your order. If you’re satisfied, keep scrolling down on the page.

put your tomato in your shopping cart

Scroll down. If you have a coupon code, enter it in the Discount Codes field. If you want to calculate an estimate of your shipping and tax, follow the steps on the screen.


use a coupon code and estimate shipping and tax

Choose a Checkout Method: Checkout as Guest or Register. For this tutorial, we are going to select Checkout as Guest. Click CONTINUE.

select a checkout method

Fill out your Billing InformationShipping AddressShipment Method, and Payment Information (credit card or PayPal). You will then arrive at the Order Review. Make sure your order details are correct.

For plug-and-play setup:

Click the link next to Order Comment.

order your flashrouter pre-configured with one of our VPN servers

It will populate the field with some text. Fill it out as follows:

VPN Username: your user name
VPN Password: your password
VPN Server Location: choose from the following list of server locations

USA – Los Angeles
USA – New York
UK – Berkshire
Hong Kong
Netherlands – Amsterdam

Additional Comments: add any additional comments

When you’re finished filling everything out, click PLACE ORDER.

fill in your ExpressVPN details in the Order Comment

Note: If you do not want your FlashRouter to come pre-configured with an ExpressVPN server on it, you can skip filling out the Order Comment. Detailed instructions for setting up a VPN server will be included in the box, or you can refer to our tutorials for OpenVPN setup or PPTP setup for Tomato.

Need help? Contact the ExpressVPN Support Team for immediate assistance.

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Connect everything to your ExpressVPN Tomato FlashRouter

Once you receive your FlashRouter, connect it to your existing router with an Ethernet cable and switch it on. This will create a dual-router setup and will avoid any potential conflicts with your existing Internet setup.

Now you can connect your computers, mobile devices, smart TVs,  and more to the ExpressVPN FlashRouter and enjoy the benefits of ExpressVPN:

Connect with an Ethernet cable

Connect your device with an Ethernet cable.

Connect over the FlashRouter’s Wi-Fi network

Your FlashRouter came with a piece of paper with all of your FlashRouter Settings, including your wireless SSID and password. Use these credentials to connect any device to your FlashRouter.

Need help? Contact the ExpressVPN Support Team for immediate assistance.

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Configure your ExpressVPN FlashRouter with a VPN server

This section will show you how to configure your FlashRouter with one of our VPN servers.

Use these instructions if:

  • your FlashRouter did not come preconfigured with one of our VPN servers.
  • you want to configure your FlashRouter with another VPN server.

You will need to download our .ovpn files to configure your router with a new VPN server. Here’s how:

Log in to your account.

sign in to our website

Once you’ve logged into the website, click on Set Up ExpressVPN on the Active Subscriptions page to go do the downloads page.


Click on Manual Config on the left side of the screen and then select OpenVPN on the right. Download and save the .ovpn file(s) or locations (e.g. Los Angeles, New York, etc.) that you wish to connect to.

download openvpn configuration files

In your browser, go to your router’s control panel by typing your Router IP Address in the address bar. The default address is If this doesn’t work, please refer to the slip of paper that came in the box with your Tomato router.

In your router’s control panel, click on the VPN Tunneling tab, and then select OpenVPN Client.

tomato openvpn port 1195

In the Basic tab, copy the settings below. Scroll down to learn how to find your Server Address/Port.

copy these settings to configure your flashrouter

You can find your server address and port in the .ovpn config file you downloaded earlier. Open the .ovpn config file using any text editor. Copy any of the “remote” server cluster names listed in the config file, and paste it into the Server Address/Port field of the OpenVPN basic control panel. Do the same for the port .

copy the server address from the .ovpn config file

In the Advanced tab, copy the settings from the screenshot below into your control panel.

For your convenience, here is the text you should copy and paste into the Custom Configuration field. When you are finished, click Save:

tun-mtu 1500
fragment 1300
mssfix 1450
auth SHA512

tomato openvpn advanced config

Click Start Now in the OpenVPN control panel to connect your router to the new VPN server.

click start now to connect!

For any further details about using your Tomato router, please refer to the guide provided with your FlashRouter.

Need help? Contact the ExpressVPN Support Team for immediate assistance.

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