How to stream the NHL playoffs with a VPN

Oppdatert: 17. juni 2021
How to stream the NHL playoffs with a VPN

How to watch the NHL Playoffs online with a VPN

Streaming the NHL playoffs is possible with a VPN, either through free services or those offering free trials. This page will help guide you to the best platforms for watching your team’s quest to win the Stanley Cup.

Watch the NHL Playoffs on free streaming services

Stream the games on CBC Gem

Channel: ‘Live TV’

CBC Gem is a free and easy way to watch a large percentage of the NHL playoffs without spending a dime. The official NHL schedule indicates the broadcasters for every game, and if CBC is among them, you can tune in to watch without signing up with your credit card.

To stream on CBC Gem:

  1. Get ExpressVPN.
  2. Connect to a server location in Canada.
  3. Head to CBC Gem and sign up for a free membership. All you’ll need to provide is your name and email address.
  4. Enjoy the stream!

Learn more about watching CBC Gem with ExpressVPN.

Want it on the big screen? Check out this handy guide.

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Stream the NHL playoffs with

Channel: NBC

The American broadcast of the NHL playoffs is split between NBC and NBCSN. Locast is an excellent free option for the games broadcast on NBC. Check the schedule for the Peacock logo with no lettering beneath it; that indicates the game is on NBC and will be available to watch live on local TV through Locast.

To stream the playoffs with Locast:

  1. Get ExpressVPN
  2. Fire up the ExpressVPN browser extension for ChromeFirefox, or Edge
  3. Connect to a server location in the U.S. where the game is taking place
  4. Go to and sign up.
  5. Select the market that corresponds with the server location you’re connected to.
  6. Tune in to the local NBC channel and enjoy the hockey!

Learn more about watching Locast with ExpressVPN.

Want it on the big screen? Check out this handy guide.

Watch the games on Peacock TV 

Price: 5 USD/month

Channels: NBC, NBCSN

Peacock TV offers a number of channels for watching the NHL playoffs and comes with a seven-day free trial. To watch the NHL on Peacock:

  1. Get ExpressVPN.
  2. Connect to a server location in the U.S.
  3. Go to the Peacock TV website and sign up (5 USD/month). You may need to provide a valid U.S. postal code (e.g., 10001, 48104) and pay with a U.S. credit/debit card or PayPal account.
  4. Enjoy the stream.

Learn more about watching Peacock TV with ExpressVPN.

Want it on the big screen? Learn about all the ways to get ExpressVPN on your TV.

Watch the playoffs on NBCSN, CNBC, and USA Network

Price: 10 USD/month and up

Channel: NBCSN

A number of the playoff games will be broadcast on NBCSN, CNBC, and USA Network which are best accessed through cord-cutting services. A variety of free trials are available.

To watch:

  1. Get ExpressVPN.
  2. Connect to a server location in the U.S.
  3. Head to fuboTV (65 USD/month), YouTube TV (65 USD/month), Sling TV Blue (10 USD/month and up) or Hulu+Live TV (55 USD/month), and sign up. You may need to enter a valid U.S. ZIP code (e.g., 10001, 48104).
  4. Enjoy the stream!

Learn more about watching fuboTV, YouTube TV, Sling TV and Hulu+Live TV with ExpressVPN.

Want it on the big screen? Check out this handy guide.

Watch the run to the Stanley Cup Finals on NHL.TV

Price: 99.99 USD for the playoffs

Although it comes with a hefty price tag, NHL.TV grants access to every NHL game without having to toggle between different broadcasters. If this convenient one-stop-shop approach is worth the price to you, a VPN can help avoid any regional blackouts.

Here’s how:

  1. Get ExpressVPN
  2. Connect to a server location where the event is NOT being aired (this way you can avoid blackouts)
  3. Visit NHL.TV and sign up
  4. Stream without any blackouts!

Want it on the big screen? Check out this handy guide.

Third round playoff matchups

Montreal Canadiens vs. Vegas Golden Knights

It’s unusual to see a late-series matchup with such a clear favorite and underdog, but the disparity between the Golden Knights and Canadiens on paper is profound. Vegas should comfortably handle a Montreal team with middling offensive capabilities, but the Toronto Maple Leafs and Winnipeg Jets probably liked their chances against the Habs, too. This should be a low-scoring series as both teams’ goaltenders—Carey Price and Marc-André Fleury—enter it with a goals-against-average below two.

[Series tied 1-1]

Tampa Bay Lightning vs. New York Islanders

The Lightning’s march to a Stanley Cup repeat now goes through a team notorious for making life difficult on offensively-gifted opponents. The Islanders play a brutally-effective brand of hockey that clogs up the neutral zone and makes the game a conservative slog, which could be what it takes to slow down Tampa’s explosive attack. But even if the Lightning are forced to play tighter-checking hockey that hardly means they’re doomed thanks to the team’s outstanding goaltending and rock-solid defense.

[Series tied 1-1]

Conn Smythe Trophy candidates

Although the winner of the playoffs’ most prestigious award is extremely hard to forecast until we know who’s playing in the Stanley Cup finals, here are a few possible candidates to bring home the hardware:

Carey Price, G, Montreal Canadiens

No one expected the Canadiens to make it this far, and there’s no better single explanation than the play of Price. The 33-year-old appeared past his prime during the regular season, but he’s found a new level in the playoffs and shut the door on the Toronto Maple Leafs and Winnipeg Jets. If the Habs win it all, Price is by far the best candidate to win the award.

Nikita Kucherov, RW, Tampa Bay Lightning

After missing the entire regular season, Kucherov has returned and looks like the player who was the NHL’s MVP and top point producer in the 2018-19 season. The Lightning are a solid bet to repeat, and if Kucherov is their best offensive weapon, he’ll have a strong comeback narrative backing his Conn Smythe candidacy.

Jean-Gabriel Pageau, C, New York Islanders

If the Islanders win the Stanley Cup, it will be difficult to choose a Conn Smythe winner because the team’s success is predicated on team contributions rather than individual brilliance. That said, Pageau has been an unbelievable two-way center for New York, providing offensive punch and logging hard minutes against other teams’ top threats.

Marc-André Fleury, G, Vegas Golden Knights

Like Price, there have been times recently when it seemed like Fleury’s best days were behind him. However, the 36-year-old had an outstanding bounce-back season and carried his momentum into the playoffs. Keeping the deadly Colorado Avalanche offense to just six goals over three games as the Golden Knights came back from a 3-1 series deficit was an impressive feat, and if he can drive Vegas to a title, he’ll likely be rewarded with the Conn Smythe.

Victor Hedman, D, Tampa Bay Lightning

While Hedman brought home the trophy last season, that doesn’t mean he’s not a threat to repeat. The Swedish defenseman plays a truly complete game, logs huge minutes on special teams, and manages to put up gaudy offensive numbers. Hedman is indispensable to a club that’s got a great chance to win it all.

2021 NHL calendar

Here is a list of some of the most important 2021 NHL playoff and offseason events. Dates listed here may be subject to change.

First game of the NHL PlayoffsMay 15, 2021
Last possible game of the Stanley Cup FinalsJuly 9, 2021
Seattle Kraken Expansion DraftJuly 21, 2021
NHL DraftJuly 23-24, 2021
Free agency beginsJuly 28, 2021


  1. Je me suis inscrit aujourd’ui pour un abonmnement de 6 mois et je voudrais le canceller puis avoir mon crédit merci

  2. Will this similarly work logging into my TV provider through the VPN? I’m located in Victoria B.C., and do not get the Toronto Maple Leafs games regularly. Will logging into a server in the east circumvent this?

  3. I’m in Peru and would like to watch the NHL Stanley Cup.. could you please let me know which one is the best option to subscribe. Thank you in advance

  4. I’ve been unable to sign up successfully to anything in order to watch NHL – they all know I’m using a VPN and they don’t allow it.

  5. I live in BC and can get out of market Canucks games through our Roku but not local games. How do I set up my Roku to get all games?

  6. Youtube TV detects ExpressVPN. And won’t let you watch anything. Just thought I’d share that so others can pick a different option other than YouTube TV.

  7. I would like to watch maple leafs vs. bruins, april 21, 2019 but it is not broadcast in playa del carmen, on sky tv. what can I do? help.

  8. Getting hockey using an USA Zipcode has 2 problems for Canadians.
    1/. Most Canadians do not have an USA zipcode.
    2/. If you can connect to USA, it is likely that you will not see too many Canadian games.

    1. Hi Joseph,

      To watch the games featuring Canadian teams, you can check the team’s schedule and then connect to a server location where the broadcaster is available from.

      For example, you can check the schedule for the Canucks (, then connect to a server location where a broadcaster is showing the next Canucks game. To find the USA Zipcode you need, simply Google «(location name) zip code» and you’ll be all set.

  9. Absolutely love the service of ExpressVPN. I watch hockey all season in every market with this service. Not to mention the privacy on all my devices over my network with a dd-wrt router. I switched from another provider and it was well worth it. Your staff and customer support is second to none. Thanks for a great product and service, and Go Preds!

  10. I am cutting cable ASAP. I am a little confused on how to bypass blackouts for NHL, specifically Nashville Predators. I bought Roku, and was looking at Sling tv and Fubo Tv, only to find our that the Fox Sports south feed would more than likely be blacked out. Will the express VPN solve this problem? Does the VPN work through the Roku setup? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

  11. hello I want to cut my cable and keep . watching the boston bruins on cable. How does this work ? I am not to good with a computer . what will I need . how to hook to my tv I am getting a amazon jail broken fire stick and cutting cable , what do I need to do

    1. Hi Joseph,

      You just need to a broadcast subscription (see the guide above) and ExpressVPN. Simply fire up the VPN and log in to your broadcast subscription, you’ll be all set 🙂

  12. I will be in Florida from January 1st to the end of April in a rental accomodation. What is my best way of obtaining all Toronto Maple Leaf games while in Florida for the three months? I have my computer with me , a chromecast and there is a tv available with a HDMI connection. Their current cable subscriber is Comcast and in the past I have streamed my Netflix subscription from my computer to that tv with no visual problems. An additional bonus is that they do not have an HD subscription although they have an HD tv and the stream through my chromecast projects in HD. Would my doing this result in an additional cost to my owners cable costs?

    1. I am in Florida at the same time. I gave up trying to get the Leafs on anything but NHL Gamecentre. I get it free with my Rogers subscription. It works great here. The problem I am having is getting the Tampa Bay Lightning! They blacking a lot of those games out in the Tampa area.

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