Wifi Hotspot

What is a wifi hotspot?

A wifi hotspot is a physical location where you can connect a wifi-enabled device to the internet over a public wireless network. wifi hotspots are common in retail businesses and transportation hubs, such as cafes, hotels, and airports. These organizations and businesses install wifi routers for customers and the public to use.

How does a wifi hotspot work?

While many wifi hotspots use WEP or WPA security protocols to encrypt your connection, others have no such security features, leaving you and your data vulnerable to malicious third parties. Whether a hotspot is password-protected or not, it’s a good idea to connect to a VPN when using it, which will encrypt all traffic before it leaves the device.

Hotspots can also be set up smartphones, known as mobile hotspots. The smartphone uses a 3G or 4G connection to provided internet through its wifi chip to nearby devices.

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