Introducing Aircove Go, the first portable router with a built-in VPN

The new compact Aircove model delivers Wi-Fi 6 performance and easy protection anywhere
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Aircove Go VPN router set against different environment backgrounds

With ExpressVPN Aircove, our award-winning VPN router, protecting all your home devices is easy. But what if you want the same benefits for all your devices while you’re on the road? That’s where Aircove Go comes in. 

Aircove Go is our new palm-sized, portable Wi-Fi 6 router. Just like Aircove, Aircove Go comes with ExpressVPN built in, allowing anyone to breeze through setup and get connected in minutes.  

Ideal for travel, Aircove Go doesn’t even need an Ethernet connection.
Wi-Fi Link lets you connect the router wirelessly to any local network, even those with a “captive portal,” those tricky sign-in screens that can get in the way of connecting streaming sticks and similar devices. 

With Aircove Go, you won’t have to individually connect each of your devices to the Wi-Fi, and you won’t have to manage separate VPN apps. Every device you connect to Aircove Go will remember it and connect back to it automatically. 

The power of a VPN router anywhere

There are privacy and security risks when using public Wi-Fi networks: Many are unsecured and vulnerable to cyberattacks. A recent study showed that as many as 40% of users have had their personal information compromised while using public Wi-Fi.

For digital nomads, business travelers, or remote workers who rely on public Wi-Fi—sometimes even for banking or sensitive business transactions—Aircove Go can help ensure all your online activity is private and encrypted.

Aircove Go in a hotel room providing Wi-Fi

Think of Aircove Go as your own secure, private bubble of Wi-Fi you can take with you on the road, keeping you safe whether you’re in a hotel, holiday rental, or coworking space. Its sleek design also fits seamlessly in a modern setting.

And like Aircove, Aircove Go lets you protect every Wi-Fi-connected device with a VPN—even ones that can’t install a VPN app, like game consoles, smart locks, and certain smart TVs. So, if you’re a student, tenant, or event organizer, you can use Aircove Go as a portable VPN router solution for all your devices.

Not much of a traveler? Aircove Go can also be used at home to supplement your current router. If you’re not looking to replace your existing router, or perhaps you only want a certain group of devices at home to use a VPN—like your media center or home office—Aircove Go can be integrated into your current setup, bringing the always-on protection of a VPN router where you need it.

Side, front and top views of the Aircove Go

The Aircove features you love 

Developed by ExpressVPN and independently audited by Cure53, AircoveOS is the technology at the heart of our Aircove home router and now, Aircove Go. This is how, despite its size and lightweight build, Aircove Go packs many of the same features and benefits, such as:

  • Fast wireless performance. Aircove Go uses Wi-Fi 6, allowing it to deliver wireless speeds of up to 1,200 Mbps for 5GHz and 600 Mbps for 2.5GHz. Even when connected to ExpressVPN, you’ll be able to stream in 4K HD on multiple screens.
  • VPN out of the box. We designed Aircove to make VPN protection accessible to everyone—not just tech experts—and Aircove Go is no different. Preinstalled with ExpressVPN, Aircove Go can be set up and connected in just a few minutes.
  • Connect to multiple VPN locations at once. Easily manage all your devices from a browser on your phone or computer. You can organize your devices into groups, set different VPN locations for each group, or turn off the VPN for a specific group.
  • Threat Manager, parental controls, and an ad blocker. Beyond providing a world-class VPN service, Aircove Go gives you greater control over your online experience and added privacy protection. Shield yourself from known trackers, malware sites, and intrusive ads.
  • Automatic updates. As long as Aircove Go gets internet access, it stays up to date with the latest security updates and feature improvements.
  • 24/7 live chat support. While Aircove Go is simple to set up and use, sometimes you may need some extra help. We provide 24/7 live chat and email support, as well as online troubleshooting guides to make sure you always get the help you need.

Aircove Go on a suitcase and next to luggage bag

Stay safe as you stay connected 

Protect your privacy and get the secure access you need no matter where you are. ExpressVPN Aircove Go is now available to order on the ExpressVPN store and Amazon.

ExpressVPN Aircove router with green background.
Protect your whole family with ExpressVPN Aircove
David Gilbert is Staff Product Manager at ExpressVPN, and is currently responsible for the development of Aircove—the VPN industry’s first hardware product. He has over 17 years of experience building consumer software and hardware products with startups and large companies around the world. David first joined ExpressVPN in 2013 and has a strong understanding of the VPN industry and users’ needs.