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A paid VPN is the best VPN: Here’s why

As the world’s best premium VPN, ExpressVPN is committed to offering strong security, ultra-fast speeds, maximum server uptime, and 24/7 live chat support.

ExpressVPN offers superior security, speeds, server uptime, and support.

Top paid VPN benefits

ExpressVPN is a privacy company, so we take your privacy seriously. To ensure a fast, private, and secure connection for every customer, ExpressVPN pays for…

  • A network of high-performance server clusters all over the world.

Though the internet is littered with “free VPN” or “free proxy” downloads and promotions, we ask you to consider how these providers can afford to give their service away for free.

Women with internet traffic watched.

When a product is free, you may be the product

There are several malicious ways for free VPNs and proxy servers to monetize your internet traffic.

A computer screen covered in ads and spam and attached to a ball and chain.

4 ways ‘free’ VPNs can take advantage of you

  • They might inject targeted ads and spam into your browser.

  • Your browsing history might be logged and sold to advertisers.

  • Your bandwidth might be stolen and served to the highest bidder.

  • They might record all your usernames, passwords, and bank details.

The same goes for “free proxy” services. An independent study of over 25,000 free proxies found the vast majority of them to either block HTTPS, inject data, or modify content in some way.

Paid VPN: More advantages

Even if a free provider isn’t malicious, free VPNs and proxies deliver a subpar experience in virtually every way.

With most free VPNs and proxies…

  • Your connection is bogged down by a flood of users on a suboptimal network.

  • If something goes wrong, there’s no one to help you.

  • Poor security and no encryption means your traffic is exposed to third parties.

  • There’s only a handful of locations to choose from.

Meanwhile, a top paid VPN provider like ExpressVPN…

Still think paying is too risky?

ExpressVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it completely risk-free. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, get a full refund. It’s that simple.

Better than a free VPN trial: ExpressVPN’s 30-day guarantee

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