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Padlock with browser UI.
23 mins

Ranked: Best (and worst) browsers for privacy in 2023

We look at Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Tor, and more. How well does yours rank in terms of security and privacy? Find out in this ranking!
Online video with an apple
5 mins

Free cybersecurity courses for protection and education

Whether you’re just curious or are considering a career in cybersecurity, these accessible online courses will get you started.
Child playing on tablet
3 mins

Free cyber safety resources for kids

It's Safer Internet Day! We’ve compiled free resources for kids to learn about topics like cybersecurity, fake news, cyberbullying, and strangers on the internet.
Apps pouring out of a phone.
4 mins

How to declutter your phone: Step-by-step guide

Running out of space on your iPhone or Android? Here are steps to declutter and organize your files and apps.
Dual language speech bubbles
5 mins

Ways to learn a language online (Tip: Get a VPN)

YouTube, Netflix, and Spotify are the remote teachers of today. Learn a new language online with these websites and channels—and a VPN.
SIM-card with fingerprint biometric
2 mins

Countries with SIM-card registration laws

What is SIM-card registration? Find out what countries require ID and biometrics if you buy a prepaid SIM card.
Linux Tux mascot emerging from egg shell
8 mins

Revive your old computer by installing Linux

Repurposing an old computer with Linux is a great way to create a secure and privacy-focused machine for free.
Shield with a home on it.
2 mins

Turn your old Android phone into a security camera

Don’t throw out your old Android phone! We’ll show you how to turn it into a DIY security camera instead.
various operating system logos
9 mins

Ranked: Top operating systems for security and privacy

We take a look at some of the most popular operating systems, including Windows 10, iOS, macOS, and Android, and rank them based on privacy and security.
code on celluloid film
15 mins

Top 12 surveillance-themed movies and shows

Our picks for some of the most entertaining movies and shows about privacy and surveillance.

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