How to play Garena Free Fire on different servers

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How to play Garena Free Fire on a different server.

Garena Free Fire is currently one of the most popular mobile battle royale games around the world. While Free Fire accounts are tied to specific servers and regions, it is possible to switch your playing location to broaden your gaming experience.

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How to Play Garena Free Fire in a Different Region

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to change your existing account’s current region. That said, there is a way to play Free Fire in a different region.

It’s easy, here’s how:

Step 1: Get ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for playing Free Fire. It provides a secure tunnel between your device and the internet that protects your online traffic from prying eyes. A VPN can also help you to change your IP address so that your device appears to be in a different country.

Once you’ve signed up, open up the ExpressVPN app and connect to a server location in the new region you wish to play Free Fire. ExpressVPN has secure, high-speed VPN servers across 105 countries.

Step 2: Sign up secondary Fire Fire account

From here, you’ll need to register a guest or secondary Fire Fire account.

Free Fire guest account

In order to sign up for a guest account, you’ll need to purge the Free Fire’s local data files from the app’s settings.

Once that’s done, head back into the game and create a new guest account. Keep in mind that you will eventually need to connect this guest account to a social media account at some point in the future so make sure you create one specifically for this.

Secondary Free Fire account

If you already have a social media or email account that isn’t already associated with a Free Fire account, you can use it to sign up for an entirely separate account to your primary Free Fire account.

Step 3: Securely play Garena Free Fire in a new region

That’s it! You can now securely play Garena Free Fire with minimal lag. Download ExpressVPN now!

In which country Garena Free Fire is available?

Garena Free Fire is popular globally and is available in most countries around the world. It is heavily played in Latin America and Southeast Asia. Among others, Garena currently maintains servers in the following regions: Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Mexico, and Brazil.

(ExpressVPN has secure, high-speed VPN servers across 105 countries)

How to Check Garena Free Fire Server Status?

While Garena doesn’t have an official server status checking tool, you can monitor third party services like Downdetector and Reddit. Otherwise, engaging with other Free Fire players on the Free Fire Community forums could also be a useful alternative.

Why ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Garena Free Fire

With low-lag, low-ping options for all your favorite gaming devices, ExpressVPN will help you play Garena Free Fire online anywhere without limits.

  • Powerful protection: ExpressVPN helps you avoid DDoS attacks by masking your IP—and also features 256-bit AES, leak protection, a kill switch, and split tunneling.
  • Boost connectivity: Gaming with ExpressVPN also provides unlimited, premium bandwidth. This helps you minimize ping and lag.
  • Bypass throttling: You can also limit your ISP from slowing your connection. When gaming online with a VPN, your data can’t be inspected, so your bandwidth won’t be throttled.
  • Access more online: Get the latest DLC and games from early launch date countries. Play games even if they’re censored where you are.
  • Game without borders: No matter where you are around the world, simply change your region and play together with your friends.

Download a VPN for Garena Free Fire on all your devices

Whether you’re streaming, shopping, or gaming online, ExpressVPN has options for all of your favorite devices. This includes consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch; your iPhone or Android smartphone devices, smart TV systems, browser extensions, and even your home router.

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Can I use a free VPN to play Garena Free Fire?

Online gaming with a free proxy is not recommended as they do not offer the same privacy and security benefits of a paid VPN. Not only do many free proxy services not work as advertised, some may even sell your data, and most will leave your networks vulnerable to attack.

For context, here’s a comparison:

ExpressVPNMost free VPNs
Data limitUnlimited10GB
VPN server locations105 countries10-50 countries
Customer suppport24/7 live chatEmail
Server technologyTrustedServerPC-based
Activity and connection loggingNeverNo promises
Simultaneous connections supportedUp to 81
Device supportApps for every deviceDesktop and mobile
Custom VPN protocolLightwayNone

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FAQ: Garena Free Fire region change

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Game securely, with no ISP throttling

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