ExpressVPN app 1.2.0 for Linux is available now!

Get a Linux VPN

Good news, Linux users—the latest version of your favorite VPN for Linux features a new and improved Smart Location picker!

The ExpressVPN devs smashed it out of the park with an updated algorithm that offers you the best VPN connection, wherever you are.

ExpressVPN for Linux works much the same as your other apps, but there are a few key differences, such as:

  • Connect without having to download config files – Keeping track of OpenVPN configuration files can be annoying. Fortunately, your new Linux app lets you simply select a server without having to worry about multiple files.
  • Always get the latest servers – Linux users never have to worry about using outdated server lists. The app continually updates ExpressVPN’s latest and greatest server locations. That way you can browse all 145 server locations in more than 94 countries and counting.
  • Easily switch between UDP and TCP – Experiencing slow load times? No problem. Your new Linux app makes it super simple to switch between different protocol options to get the most out of your VPN.

Installing ExpressVPN on Linux

You can also take advantage of Linux’s great auto connect feature to use your VPN whenever you go online. Yup, it’s that awesome!

Download ExpressVPN for Linux today!

Now you know how awesome ExpressVPN for Linux is, what are you waiting for? To download ExpressVPN for Linux, just head over to My Account, sign in, click “Set Up ExpressVPN,” and scroll down to the Linux & Routers OpenVPN section.

It's super easy to connect to server locations
Don’t waste time searching for configuration files. Just open your Terminal and connect.

If you’re unsure how to download, you can check out this step-by-step OpenVPN tutorial for help!

How do you like it?

Once you’ve had time to break in your new Linux app, let us know what you think. ExpressVPN wants to hear from you! Leave your questions, comments, concerns, and praise below.

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