How to delete your Facebook account, Google search history, and more

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delete social media apps and online accounts

You can take action to declutter your online life and enjoy some added internet privacy. Just check out ExpressVPN’s collection of guides below!

Why should I delete my online accounts?

Tech giants tend to be heavy data collectors, gathering as much as they can about you in order to target you with ads. Some might sell your information. Not only do you lose your privacy for the profit of others, but what you see on the internet becomes skewed toward what companies think are your preferences.

The most sure-fire way to stop a company from knowing about you is to stop using it. If you’re sure you don’t want to keep your account history (your posts, uploaded images, etc.) or use the service again, you should delete your account entirely. Deleting an account could mean different things depending on the company—some might still store your information, while other might purge it.

Learn how to delete…


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Google Account

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Google History

Google knows too much about you. Learn how to download, delete, and disable your entire Google search history.

Hard Drive Browsing History

Don’t just settle for deleting your web browser history. Learn how to delete your hard drive history too!


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Yahoo Mail

Worried about the Yahoo Mail data breach? Follow this guide to permanently delete your Yahoo Mail account.

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