ExpressVPN is turning 10!

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Ten years is a lifetime in the tech world. We’ve been around since the days when it was still considered dodgy to find a stranger on the internet and get into their car. And back then, if you took a selfie, you had no one to show it to.

A lot of stuff has happened, too. We were around when Snowden first exposed the massive scale of NSA surveillance, when the Panama Papers dropped, and for the entire duration of Assange’s stay in Ecuadorian Embassy.

WikiLeaks came to prominence with a trove of stolen war cables and then an extraordinary U.S. election, where a divisive president rose to power with a little help from Russian hackers. Facebook’s role in the whole fraught process was the beginning of a terrible few years for Zuckerberg. And don’t even get us started on the data breaches. And scandals. And leaks.

Since we got our first paying customer all the way back in 2009, ExpressVPN has grown with the times. Today, users can enjoy ExpressVPN on pretty much any device, but when we started, only Macs need apply. (Windows folks, not to mention those early adopters with their first- or second-generation iPhones and Androids, would get their turn before long, but the iPad would need to be invented first.)

4 ways ExpressVPN has set the pace

Building trust through transparency

ExpressVPN worked with the Center for Democracy and Technology on a set of self-imposed industry guidelines to help users evaluate VPN providers and, to ensure that we live up to our promises, we commissioned an independent, publicly released security audit of the ExpressVPN browser extension.

Leading the way in privacy and security

ExpressVPN was the first VPN provider to launch a hidden service in the Tor network, and we helped fund an audit for OpenVPN—one of the protocols used by ExpressVPN apps.

Best of all, though, is our groundbreaking TrustedServer technology, which means we know exactly what’s running on each of our servers—dramatically minimizing security risks.

Making protection a breeze, on any device

ExpressVPN’s apps know no boundaries. There’s truly something for everyone. The app for routers, in particular, makes private browsing simple. All you have to do is log on to your home Wi-Fi as usual and… that’s it! Every device you connect is covered.

Of course, if you do run into any issues, we were also one of the first providers to deliver 24/7 help via live chat. Our excellent Support Team is always there, willing and able to get you sorted, pronto.

Fighting for digital rights

We’ve grown in other ways, too. ExpressVPN now proudly offers a scholarship to encourage privacy, and we regularly partner with organizations such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation to promote online security.

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