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Hotel door card with the Wi-Fi symbol.
6 mins

Is hotel Wi-Fi safe?

Travel is picking up in some parts of the world. If you’re in a hotel, take these simple precautions when you go online.
Magnifying glass and a file with a share icon.
4 mins

‘OSINT’ yourself: Find all public information about you

Don't just Google yourself. Open-source intelligence tools offer the next level in seeing how your privacy and security might be at risk.
Row of heads with deepfake x-ray.
6 mins

How to spot a deepfake video

Deepfakes, AI generated media, are becoming more convincing and harder to distinguish from reality. Here are a few tips on how to spot them.
A bag with a laptop inside and the Wi-Fi symbol.
5 mins

Stay prepared with a tech survival kit

Survival isn’t just about food and water. Power banks and adapters can be life savers. Prepare for a crisis with the right tech gear.
Padlock with checklist.
4 mins

Cybersecurity tips for small businesses

Unfortunately, small businesses may be seen as easier targets than their larger counterparts due to their size and resources. Here are a few tips for keeping your business protected.
Alien with the play symbol.
2 mins

5 best UFO documentaries to stream

It's World UFO Day on July 2. Stream these explorations into the phenomena to see if you believe.
Shopping bag and smartphone.
8 mins

How to stay safe when shopping online

Whether you’re shopping online or in real life, it’s important to stay safe. Check out our primer on how to shop safely.
An open android face with film reel within.
12 mins

Best artificial intelligence movies through the ages

From Metropolis to Blade Runner and Ex Machina, we explore the history of AI in film as technology has progressed over time.
Key with $0.
7 mins

Secure your accounts with the best free authenticator apps

We look at authentication apps that strike a balance between excellent security, functionality, and device compatibility.
Play symbol with Union Jack.
9 mins

30 UK shows you can stream for free right now

From Peaky Blinders to Derry Girls, check out our picks for the best UK TV shows you can watch for free right now!
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What is DNS?

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What are smart cities?

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