ExpressVPN launches Tor onion service: Expressobutiolem.onion


ExpressVPN is proud to announce added security and privacy with the launch of a hidden service in the Tor network.

Hosting an onion service in the TOR network provides the following benefits to potential customers:

  1. Easier website access for people living and working in high-censorship countries.
  2. Greater privacy and anonymity for current Tor users.

New and curious? Check out the Beginner’s Guide to Tor.

How to access ExpressVPN’s .onion site

To access the onion service, follow these secure steps:

  1. Download the Tor Browser at the official website of the Tor Project. It’s available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Android.
  2. Navigate to http://expressobutiolem.onion and browse the site! It’s easy, safe, and anonymous.
[Note: at this time, customer logged in features are not available on http://expressobutiolem.onion. Stay tuned for future versions!]

The Tor Browser is based on Firefox and has a similar look and feel. Open http://expressobutiolem.onion and browse like you would any other site.

As always, feedback (even the bad stuff) is appreciated: Contact support if you find any bugs or additional issues.

ExpressVPN’s onion service expressobutiolem.onion as seen through the Tor Browser

ExpressVPN joins Facebook and others…

July 2013: DuckDuckGo (http://3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion/)

October 2014:Facebook (https://www.facebookcorewwwi.onion/)

December 2014: Blockchain (https://blockchainbdgpzk.onion/)

January 2016: ProPublica (http://www.propub3r6espa33w.onion/)

August, 2016: ExpressVPN (http://expressobutiolem.onion)


Why did ExpressVPN go to the trouble of creating a Tor Site?

Not only does Tor provide its clients with strong anonymity, but it also hinders government censorship and network administrator controls. That way, users can reliably use the Tor network to access content from all around the world and communicate securely.

Although Tor users have always been able to reach our website and access content in countries where domain is censored, they previously had to rely on exit nodes. Exit node bandwidth is the scarcest resource in the Tor ecosystem. Exit nodes can also see your traffic and may attempt to modify it.

By offering a .onion service, the ExpressVPN site will prevent exit node tracking and load faster for Tor users.

ExpressVPN felt these benefits were worth the significant cost of development, as the right to privacy is one of the core principles upon which our service was founded.

Lean more: What is Tor?

The Tor network is a decentralized proxy service.

Instead of routing traffic through a single proxy server, web traffic is sent through a layer of at least three servers and encrypted along the way. Unlike a regular proxy, which sees what you’re browsing and where you are at the same time, the Tor network separates this knowledge.

Servers are offered by volunteers and are not able to ascertain where you are and what you browse at the same time. Learn even more about how the Tor network functions in ExpressVPN’s Beginner’s Guide to Tor.

ExpressVPN is curious to hear what you think–try the new .onion service and comment anonymously below!


  1. I am content with my use of expressvpn with Windows 10.
    I almost never use TOR.
    But I think you guys are making a great initiative with your cooperation with TOR !
    Great work keep doing it !


    Rob Talboom, ExpressVPN-user.

  2. hi

    i want find port this vpn expressvpn for set in proxy ( internet download manager).

    port : ???
    but port how must i find?

  3. Hi.

    I just downloaded and installed TOR browser. Opened the ExpressVPN.onion site without problem, BUT when I try to login I get an “Unable to connect to the page” error message.

    Can you help me? Thanks

  4. This is just the Best service ever been using it for 6months and it does exactly what to says and that is it keeps you protected at all times….trust me i surf all over!!!!

  5. Hi,

    Unfortunately it doesn’t work for me. I get this error:

    The proxy server is refusing connections

    Firefox is configured to use a proxy server that is refusing connections.

    Check the proxy settings to make sure that they are correct.
    Contact your network administrator to make sure the proxy server is working.

    • Hi Adam. That seems to be an issue with either the Tor Browser or the way you configured Tor to work. Make sure you are connected to the internet and are using the Tor Browser.

  6. Hey Guys, just a quick word for the new and the thinkers. I have been with ExpressVPN since 2014, I have used it in China and other Asia regions to access my home news, television and provide me with the best security and privacy levels for my banking while overseas . Not once during my two years away did I experience any more than a mild hiccup and tech support was on the job almost immediately. Problems were solved quickly and in a manner that was very easily understood by anyone. Now I am home, and I have only had one issue that had us both stuck for a period of time and that eventually turned out to be a minor issue of incompatibility between the AV I was using and EXVPN. I know what I preferred to keep, so I found an AV that was compatible and problem solved. Since then I have recommended ExpressVPN to several friends who have all taken up accounts and they are amazed at the speed, reliability and the efficiency of the tech support of ExpressVPN compared to their previous VPN providers. They all came highly regarded by magazine reviews, but after many issues they came to me and asked who I used, So I brought my laptop and WiFi modem and showed them. The rest as they say, is history now. I benefited as they all gave me the referral notice, a nice treat, for which I am grateful, but more than that I am happy to see my friends get the best service I know from experience, is out there. We are a group of Australian Armed Forces Veterans with varying issues but all have PTSD and for us the computer is often our way of getting out, communicating and socialising when we cannot do so personally.
    I also want to add, I am not employed nor compelled by ExpressVPN to write this,…these are my words based on experience over time and the fact that my friends have decided to do the same is only based on their choice after trying several other companies before finally seeing what I use.
    I wish all of you the best with ExpressVPN and say,…Use the support if you have a problem, they are great, if you do not understand then tell them. just don’t bad mouth because you can’t make it work and you didn’t ask for help. It’s there and it is the best.

  7. Trying to access via Tor Browser V. 7.0.6. using address expressobutiolem.onion (note: expressobutiolem.onion is exactly what I pasted into the address bar) returns error message:

    “Unable to connect
    Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at http://www.expressobutiolem.onion.
    The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments.
    If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer’s network connection.
    If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Tor Browser is permitted to access the Web”

    Other .onion sites are loading normally. Any suggestions? Thank you for your time and expertise.

  8. The other nite when the new upgrade was downloaded I ran into a small problem and thought that someone in engineering or support should see this as I had worked in Building Control Systems for 30 years and a lot of that was in tech support answering questions about the software. I have a snagit to show but do not know how to attach it.

  9. I have used your service for two months.
    I would know how it works. I must say VPN works good.
    When I need the service in the furure I will use it again.
    At the moment I don’t need it anymore. That’s why I will not prolongate the contract.

  10. Your comment has yet to be assessed
    Do you have vpr on trial. Can download but if the vpr is on, I can not stream to the TV. Then I have to drop the vpr. Can they still check me when I’m streaming to the TV via the mobile phone? Then play downloaded movie from Netflix but without vpn. Because I can not stream from mobile to tv with vpr. Do you understand me?

  11. It’s the sixth day into ExpressVPN and I gotta tell ya, it was an instant success. I’m new to VPN’s and just came off from someone elses 30 day trial that I had to cancel. I had a speed reduction while using their service, 65 – 80 percent while working throughout the trial period with them for a resolve, but was not to be. The very first speed test with ExpressVPN was so enlightening. I never expected such an improvement over the last VPN. I made a simple protocol change and I became even more enlightened. And when Lexie said to get in touch with customer support for an “immediate response” she wasn’t kidding. Twice I had a question on how best to use ExpressVPN with my system and the answer came in “seconds” via live chat. And I’ll go as far as saying, if all this isn’t worth one or two more dollars a month, than you should get out more often..LOL. And the education is ongoing. Never before heard of a Tor onion service, now via ExpressVPN, I can never say that again. I’m gonna try it out. In short, Thanks ExpressVPN!

    • Hi Dick, thank you for bringing this up. Do you mean the IP is shown as being in New Jersey on “IP checker” sites? Or you can trace the ping to New Jersey? Our servers definitely stand in the locations that they claim to be, but sometimes third-party services might recognize the IP address as belonging to somewhere else, either because it previously belonged to a server somewhere else, or because they use other measurements to detect what location an IP belongs to, and these measurements can often be off.

  12. I am really happy with your decision to do this. I tried 5 VPNs and you guys are by far the best and TOR makes me feel much better secured.


    Off point with this blog (apologies), but I couldn’t find an area more suitable for this.

    AVG sells a package deal with a VPN as part of the overall bundle (think it was HMA). Perhaps a thought for you guys.

    Great work. I recommend you guys to all my friends. Customer Service has always been great too. People are probably thinking I work for you at this point, lol.


    • Hi,
      As long as you are connected to a VPN, your family or Internet Service Provider will not be able to see what you are downloading.

  13. hi, as a trader i have a an account with a broker.
    i wanted to prevent my own broker from knowing my password and my account with them. i heard these days some broker become a thief accessing their customer/clients account behind their customer back and stealing money,

    can vpn hide my financial details like credit card details , password and my broker account.. from rouge broker..???
    if so you could tell me how or any other to do this..?

    • Hi! As your account is with your broker, they are unfortunately in total control of your login and data. After all, if the account is on a server they own and control, they need to authenticate you. If you experience a rogue broker, your only option is to leave them and carefully monitor your identity and financial accounts to prevent them from exploiting the information they have about you.

  14. I’m trying to get my money back. Signed up two days ago and couldn’t get it to connect to my smart TV. Just can’t be bothered anymore….

  15. I earlier made good use of your services while working overseas. However, now I no longer see that I require the VPN services for my simple computer usage. How do I contact Express VPN to discontinue services and stop my service fee? Thank you.

  16. Hi how come before I could go from Canada to the US Netflix and now it’s not letting me start a movie? I keep getting an error message to close all proxy un-blocker?

  17. I noticed that ExpressVPN also stays on when im not on wifi . What is the proper way to maximize security and privacy when im using my cellular carrier network ex. 3g or Lte etc.. ty

  18. I’ve been using Express VPN for several months now with no problems.
    I use it to watch UKTV, access websites that are blocked in my location. However, my number one reason is that someone is trying to trace me through my private IP address. Is it possible for someone to use dedicated software to see my private IP address when I access sites through VPN and would using onion give me any greater privacy?

    • A very well funded and malicious actor that is able to control and passively monitor large portions of the internet, for example a nation state, might be able to correlate the packages leaving your network at home with those entering and leaving our network. Tor routes your network through multiple nodes, making this correlation analysis much more difficult.
      Our advice would be to always stay connected to the VPN, and use the Tor Browser on top for when your anonymity is highly important.

        • There are a few ways an Internet Service Provider could identify VPN traffic and throttle it, though likely they wouldn’t do it through IP ranges, as those change very often. What speeds do you get throttled to? Have you tried connecting to a separate server?
          For fast and immediate customer support, please always contact ExpressVPN Support!

  19. please help me.
    I don’t know how to use express vpn in Samsung galaxy note 3.
    >>when using vpn time mobile balance dedicate or not dedicate.
    I am living in singapore.
    please help me.

  20. Hi, i have a question, I’m client expressvpn by a couple of months:

    this new site that you created (.onion on tor), only function that has this new .onion, to get more privacy when you renew or create a subscription with your vpn service?

    thanks for your answer and sorry for my english

    • Hi Alex,
      Thank you for using our service! The main benefits of this onion site are that you can access our site, support, blog and your admin panel from locations where our site is currently blocked, and you don’t have access to our VPN (for example because there is a problem with your connection, or your subscription is expired). As long as you can connect to ExpressVPN, just stay connected and nothing will change for you.

  21. Hi I’m new at this , vpn lately I been getting emails from my internet provider about copyrights. question is using this vpn will stop them from looking into my activity? btw I’m using google chrome. thanks!

    • Hi Tony,
      When you use a VPN, your Internet Service Provider is no longer able to see what you are doing online, or selectively throttle your traffic. You will install an app that protects all your internet traffic, not just your browsing. Therefor it does not matter what browser you are using.

      • Hi. I notice that Telstra do know I am using a vpn and throttles me as when I turn it off or access router else where no using vpn speed is back to normal. Can you confirm. I suspect they know Ip ranges of vpn services and block or throtttle.

  22. I use my iPhone a lot for my work and personal as far as the internet goes. Will there be a browser coming out that will work on iOS?

    • Hi Mike! The “Tor” Browsers currently available in the App Store are not genuine, we don’t recommend you to download them. But it’s very likely that an official iOS version will be available in the future!

  23. Not a comment but a question:
    I have a vpn (we don’t keep logs blah blah) service. It is gr8 with all the crypto overlays so everything is good BUT……. My friend used bittorrent to download a movie. BUT…… I got an email from the VPN service…. Sony Pics picked up the VPN IP (that being the VPN exit node IP address). They required me to admit My system broke copyright etc etc cease & desist blah blah. Then I realized that the VPN had to know it was my IP at the entry node.. The VPN of course knew it was my system because (naturally) the VPN client has to sign in to the entry node. They were obviously pressured to act by the authorities. My question is…. how would this (being pressured by the authorities) NOT happen if I got an ExpressVPN account and use it?????
    grateful for a cogent answer
    regards blooz

  24. My security program, 360, asks me not to load this program because it has a potential for Trojan horses and criminal activity. How does VPN protect me against this potentially dangerous condition?

    • Hi Neville,
      A VPN does not protect you against trojan horses or criminal activity. Always keep your system up to date and only install programs that you trust! You can verify the authenticity of the Tor Browser by following these steps.

    • Please, do not trust a word of 360. As a Chinese I can tell you that our internet companies and the virus softwares it offers are nothing but malwares that harass your life.

    • 360? They, themselves, might be your problem. We have 360 here in China, but it was introduced to me with warnings that it is an extremely intrusive program.


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