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3 ways to use ExpressVPN with Roku


VPN router: Enable ExpressVPN on your router to get the full privacy and security benefits of a VPN on your Roku (and every other device on your network). Your VPN connection remains always on, allowing your Roku and other connected devices to function as if they were in another country.

Virtual router: Using a virtual router means sharing an ExpressVPN connection from a Mac or a PC. You’ll get the benefits of a VPN router, but you won’t need extra equipment. Your computer must stay on, and setup may be a bit more complicated. See how to do it for Windows and Mac.

Mirror to TV: Mirror video from a smartphone or computer to your TV using Roku. Visit our support page for details. While not suitable for all service and device combinations, it’s often the simplest way to use your VPN to stream to a TV. Try it at friends’ homes even if they don’t have ExpressVPN.

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Various Roku models’ consoles and remotes.

For all Roku models

Get ExpressVPN to enhance your experience with:

  • Roku Streaming Stick+
  • Roku Express
  • Roku Express+
  • Roku Premiere
  • Roku Ultra LT
  • Roku Ultra

Need a VPN for your other media streaming and gaming consoles? Having ExpressVPN on your router can protect all of your home’s devices, or you can use our MediaStreamer service for PlayStation, Apple TV, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

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Why streaming-video fans love ExpressVPN

Bruce johnson

Bruce Johnson

I have used numerous VPN's and did not like that they slowed my streaming down or crashed while I was in the middle of a Amazon purchase. Express is the best and I use it on my Iphone Ipad PC and Fire TV all for one low price.

Dave Harris

Apart from the obvious uses like being able to discreetly surf without trading your digital freedom, for me, an English ex pat in the USA this vpn service allows me to watch U.K. tv, the only thing I really miss from home!

Piotr sadowski

Piotr Sadowski

Most of the time I am staying outside the US, but I love watching my favorite TV series. Express VPN enables me to do it wherever I am, and I do not have to worry about 'This show is unavailable in your area' information.

Frequently asked questions

Roku is a small device that plugs into your TV’s HDMI jack. It connects to your home internet and lets you enjoy various apps on your TV for streaming free and paid content from services like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, YouTube, HBO Go, and Hulu.

Roku’s apps and content vary greatly depending on your location. You’ll get the most out of the console if you have a U.S. Roku account, which you can sign up for even if you’re located outside the country by connecting to a VPN server location in the U.S. (you might have to provide a U.S. ZIP code). Get all the details on our Roku setup page.

Yes! ExpressVPN is available on a wide array of devices including computers, smartphones, smart TVs and streaming media players, and game consoles. You can install ExpressVPN on as many devices as you wish, and up to five devices can be connected to ExpressVPN simultaneously using the same subscription. Or install ExpressVPN on your Wi-Fi router to connect even more.

ExpressVPN is first and foremost a privacy company and therefore stores no activity logs and no connection logs. ExpressVPN also never stores any data that would allow anyone to trace a specific network activity or behavior back to an individual user. Read more about ExpressVPN’s commitment to privacy and policy toward logs.

Every ExpressVPN account comes with a risk-free money-back guarantee. You can enjoy the full-featured version of ExpressVPN for up to 30 days and still get a full refund.

Why choose ExpressVPN?

TrustedServer technology

Audited to confirm essential privacy protections, TrustedServer sets a new standard for security.

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Bypass internet censorship, firewalls, and ISP throttling with ExpressVPN.

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Enjoy industry-leading connection stability and reliability, from Canada to Australia.

VPN for all your devices

Protect every device in your home by using ExpressVPN apps and manual configurations.

Get set up right away

Connecting to ExpressVPN is quick and easy. Just sign up, download, and connect!

Live chat support

Contact Support around the clock if you have questions about ExpressVPN for Roku.

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