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2 mins

Parallel connections: Our new feature to speed up VPN connection times

A case study of how we improved how quickly the ExpressVPN app for iOS gets connected to the VPN, especially on networks with some traffic restrictions.
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3 mins

A dozen final roses: ‘The Bachelor’ by the numbers

We take a deep dive into data surrounding the show, from the phrases contestants keep using to the average length of resulting relationships.
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9 mins

Introducing Threat Manager: Stop apps from tracking you

​​Threat Manager is a new privacy feature that protects from nosy apps, trackers, and malware. Available free for ExpressVPN users on iOS and Mac.
Logos of ExpressVPN and Kape Technologies
3 mins

ExpressVPN officially joins Kape Technologies

Find out what this means for our customers and for our company.
Bug with Log4J logo.
3 mins

Log4j vulnerability: ExpressVPN delivers protection against Log4Shell

ExpressVPN has rolled out a protective layer for the Log4j vulnerability. All ExpressVPN users benefit from this protection.
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3 mins

Human rights and the ExpressVPN mission

We’re aware of recent news about a lawsuit brought against DarkMatter and three of its former employees, which came...
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3 mins

Comparing WireGuard and Lightway: 3 reasons we created Lightway

Three reasons we decided to create Lightway to better suit our users' needs.
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8 mins

ExpressVPN survey reveals the extent of Gen Z’s social media fixation

Twenty percent say they would need to be paid more than $1 million to agree to permanently delete their main social media account.
VPN with a question mark.
4 mins

The internet is safer now—but a VPN is still essential protection

The internet is a far more encrypted place than it was 10 years ago, but privacy and security experts still recommend a VPN for most users.
7 mins

Daniel Gericke and ExpressVPN – Official Response

ExpressVPN's statement on Daniel Gericke and our commitment to internet freedom
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