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If you restart your iOS device while connected to ExpressVPN, you may encounter this message: “VPN Connection – Please enter your authentication information.”

Enter your authentication information.

This is an iOS bug and is not an issue with the ExpressVPN app. To resolve this issue:

  1. Do not enter a password when prompted.
  2. Tap Cancel.
  3. If the “VPN Connection – Please enter your authentication information” message appears again, go to Settings and toggle Airplane Mode on.
  4. Launch the ExpressVPN app. Tap the Options menu (≡).
    Tap the Options menu on the ExpressVPN app.
  5. Select Settings > VPN Protocol.
  6. Select UDP or TCP.
  7. Go to Settings. Toggle Airplane Mode off.
  8. Launch and use the ExpressVPN app normally.

Need help? Contact the ExpressVPN Support Team for immediate assistance.

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