ExpressVPN Keys: The key to your password security

Read about our commitment to protecting your passwords and privacy.

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Secure by design, private by default

Built by the world’s leading privacy and security experts, ExpressVPN Keys is designed with your online security in mind.

No one can see your stored data except you—not even ExpressVPN. There's only one key, and it's in your hands.

A password manager is like an online safe for your passwords.
No one except you can see the passwords saved in ExpressVPN Keys.

Your secrets stay with you

Zero-knowledge encryption allows you to store items in Keys in a way that only you—the person with the secret primary password—can access. In other words, your stored items are so secure that even we can’t see them.

When you store items in Keys, your primary password and any other plaintext information never leaves your device. Therefore, ExpressVPN Keys and its servers have no way of accessing this information. Even if a sophisticated attacker were to somehow get access to our systems, all your information will remain end-to-end encrypted.

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Your items remain encrypted until used

Your usernames, passwords, time-based one-time passwords (TOTPs), secure notes, and credit/debit card details are only decrypted exactly when they are used, like when you choose to reveal or copy them to your clipboard. By keeping the secrets encrypted even when the vault is unlocked, we reduce the window of opportunity for those secrets to be stolen.

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Read our security white paper

We dive into the design, philosophy, and cryptography principles on which Keys is built, maintained, and improved in our technical white paper.

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The cryptographic functions utilized by the password manager to store the credentials garnered a solid impression on the whole.

– Cure53

To validate the security of ExpressVPN Keys beyond our internal testing, we invited the cybersecurity firm Cure53 to independently audit Keys on all platforms.

Protection beyond passwords

ExpressVPN Keys is so much more than a password manager—it can alert you to data breaches, assess your password health, and even generate one-time codes for two-factor authentication.

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Data breach detection

Check if any data associated with your email address has been exposed in a data breach. Keys uses HaveIBeenPwned (HIBP) to monitor and alert you to exposed credentials.

Autofilled login field.

Autofill security

Keys conducts strict checks to prevent credential harvesting threats—it won’t autofill your logins if the site you’re on is not secure or doesn’t match the domain stored in Keys.

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Built-in authenticator

Enhance the security of your online accounts with two-factor authentication (2FA). Use Keys to generate one-time codes when signing in.

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Security screen

When enabled, your screenshots will not capture anything while Keys is in the background, protecting you from accidentally exposing sensitive data.

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Biometric unlock

Enabling biometric unlock in Keys on mobile lets you access your stored items using your fingerprint or face without compromising on your security.

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Password health

Monitor and improve the security of your online accounts with Password Health, a feature that alerts you to crucial security issues.

Your password security is our priority

ExpressVPN Keys makes it easy to boost the security of your online accounts. Our Password Health feature offers an assessment of your password security through a security score, as well as tips and guidance on how to improve it, protecting you against password hacks.

Get alerted to:

  • Exposed passwords, which put your sensitive information at risk

  • Weak passwords, which are easily guessed or cracked by both humans and computers

  • Reused passwords, which give attackers unauthorized access to all accounts that share the same password

  • Unsecure URLs, because any data passing between you and the website is not encrypted

  • Accounts without two-factor authentication enabled, because this puts your online accounts at risk if your password is compromised

Password Health UI with Exposed Passwords section on ExpressVPN Keys

Note: Password Health is only available in ExpressVPN Keys for Android and iOS, and is coming soon to the Keys browser extension.

Access ExpressVPN Keys across your devices.

Passwords and privacy in one app

Keys comes included in any ExpressVPN subscription and is built right in to our apps for iOS and Android. Want to use Keys on your computer? Download the Keys browser extension for Chrome, compatible with Brave, Edge, Opera, and Vivaldi browsers.

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