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Welcome to my own little pocket of reality. Watch out for YouTube marathons about space and existentialism, Herbie Hancock humming sessions, and Timmy Trumpet duet sessions.

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Digital brain signifying the AI singularity.
5 mins

What is the singularity in AI?

The singularity is the point where AI becomes advanced enough to improve itself exponentially—and get out of human control. But will it happen?
Checkered flags for F1.
4 mins

Formula One race calendar 2023: 23-race schedule confirmed

The full Formula One 2023 schedule, from Round 1 in Bahrain to the Abu Dhabi finale.
7 mins

6 reasons you shouldn’t post photos of your kids online

Think twice before posting photos of your kids to social media. It could put them at risk of bullying, digital kidnapping, or worse.
4 mins

What are the differences between HTTP and HTTPS?

Browsing online, you’ve probably been warned at times: “Your connection is not private.” That’s where the difference between HTTP and HTTPS comes in.
7 mins

Facebook Marketplace scams: How to spot them and protect yourself

Facebook Marketplace is a hotspot for scams of all types, from counterfeit goods to fake rentals. Learn how to spot and protect yourself from these scams.
4 mins

Best tech gear for traveling in 2024

From universal adapters to spy cam detectors, here are nine gadgets for a smoother, more enjoyable travel experience.
A printer with an IP address on a piece of printed paper.
4 mins

How to find your printer’s IP address

Struggling to find your printer’s IP address? Our guide is here to help you.
5 mins

9 best tech gadgets and apps for college

Level up your university life this school year.
3 mins

How to delete your Google account permanently

Concerned about using Google? Learn how to delete your Google account permanently.
From left to right: a white hat, a gray hat, and a black hat.
7 mins

What are white hat, gray hat, and black hat hackers?

What makes a hacker good or bad? Their actions and intentions make them white hat, black hat, or gray hat.

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