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An illustration of an ostrich burying its little head in the sand.

How plausible deniability can protect your data

3 min read
Plausible deniability allows individuals to claim they had no involvement in an action taken by others (or, in some...
An illustration on the new ExpressVPN app for Mac in action.

ExpressVPN for Mac: Latest updates and software upgrades

8 min read
For older versions of ExpressVPN for Mac click here Hello, Mac users! Are you ready for an ExpressVPN upgrade? Then...
A gold trophy with a mortarboard cap on top and a rolled scroll leaning onto it.

Announcing the winner of the 2018 Future of Privacy Scholarship

4 min read
After great deliberation, we are proud to announce the winner of the ExpressVPN Future of Privacy Scholarship 2018: Savannah...
An illustration of an atomic bomb explosion. Because this is serious stuff.

An introduction to threat modeling

3 min read
If you are always worried about your ISP, corporations, and the government spying on you, maybe it’s time to...
A gravestone with "internet Privacy" engraved upon it.

Is internet privacy a lost cause?

4 min read
Most people think of privacy as a fundamental right. The right to have a personal conversation without someone listening,...
Get the ExpressVPN Cyber Monday 2018 deal

ExpressVPN Black Friday discount

1 min read
As seasoned shoppers around the world know, there's no better time for bargains than the end of November, with its...
The Mozilla and ExpressVPN logos sit side by side, in partnership.

Mozilla and ExpressVPN announce partnership to provide VPN services

1 min read
We’re delighted to announce that ExpressVPN is partnering with Mozilla on building a more private and secure internet experience....
A laptop with a Venetian blind as a desktop image. But there's a twist! Binoculars peek through the blind. Nice.

Is someone watching you right now?

2 min read
Are you being spied on online? The short answer is: probably. This post will take a look at the key...
ExpressVPN's new app for Android.

ExpressVPN Android app: Latest updates and software upgrades

13 min read
For older versions of ExpressVPN for Android click here Notice anything different, Android users? A totally re-engineered and re-imagined ExpressVPN...
A ballot box covered in the stars and stripes of the U.S.A.

ExpressVPN survey: Most Americans distrust voting systems, news and social media

2 min read
Results from an ExpressVPN survey conducted in October 2018 show that Americans have lost faith in both news media...