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Smartphone with a receipt coming out of the screen.
7 mins

Which online payment method is safest?

Online or mobile payment methods are more convenient for shopping, but which methods provide the most privacy?
Streaming windows with a Christmas bow.
5 mins

12 best Christmas TV episodes ever

We’ve compiled Christmas-themed episodes from a variety of shows that you should stream this holiday season!
Surveillance cameras monitoring a smartphone.
2 mins

Video: What are stalkerware apps? Protect yourself from phone monitoring

Stalkerware and other forms of monitoring software are on the rise. Stay vigilant against it to protect your privacy, and your safety.
Passwords flying into a vault.
4 mins

Best ways to store your passwords: A comparison

Do you keep your passwords on Post-It notes? There are actually worse ways to store your passwords.
Shopping bag and smartphone.
4 mins

Safety tips for online and in-store shopping

Whether you’re shopping online or in real life, it’s important to stay safe. Check out our primer for avoiding theft and scams.
Shopping card with padlock.
1 min

Video: How to stay private while shopping in real life

Intrusive technology—even in physical stores—is more prevalent than you think when shopping. Here are some ways you might be spied on this Black Friday.
Magnifying glass with percentage sign.
5 mins

Price trackers and other tools to find deals this Black Friday

Find the best deals this Black Friday and Cyber Monday with price trackers, automatic coupon finders, and more!
Dragon Balls with play button symbols.
3 mins

6 best streaming services for anime fans

Looking for One Piece, Attack on Titan, or Naruto? We’ve compiled a list of the best streaming services and apps to get your anime fix.
Shopping cart with various items.
5 mins

Video: 9 tips for safer online shopping this Black Friday

Get the best Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals and avoid getting scammed. Check out our tips for safer online shopping in 2021.
Download symbol with a skull wearing an eye patch.
3 mins

Risks of downloading pirated, or ‘cracked,’ software and games

Downloading cracked software and games is more trouble than it’s worth, with risks including malware to bans. Find out why you should opt for genuine software.
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