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Alien with the play symbol.
3 mins

7 best UFO documentaries to stream

It's World UFO Day on July 2. Stream these explorations into the phenomena to see if you believe.
Hotel door card with the Wi-Fi symbol.
Video post
7 mins

Is hotel Wi-Fi safe?

Travel is picking up in some parts of the world. If you’re in a hotel, take these simple precautions when you go online.
Padlock with browser UI.
30 mins

Ranked: Best (and worst) browsers for privacy in 2024

We look at Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Tor, and more. How well does yours rank in terms of security and privacy? Find out in this ranking!
Surveillance cameras monitoring a smartphone.
Video post
7 mins

How to find and remove stalkerware apps

You might just have one on your phone.
Laptop with crosshairs.
11 mins

DoS vs. DDoS attacks: What’s the difference?

ExpressVPN's Internet hack series looks at common attacks and how to protect against them.
How to play Garena Free Fire on a different server.
3 mins

How to play Garena Free Fire on different servers

Learn how to change regions in Garena Free Fire and continue to game online uninterrupted with ExpressVPN.
Magnifying glass with percentage sign.
9 mins

Price trackers, promo codes, and other tips for finding the best...

Find the best deals and save money with our top Black Friday tips!
Shopping bag and smartphone.
16 mins

How to stay safe when shopping online

Whether you’re shopping online or in real life, it’s important to stay safe. Check out our primer on how to shop safely.
Video game controller and a surveillance camera.
Video post
11 mins

Top 10 video games that will change how you view privacy

Play through our picks for some of the best video games about hacking, surveillance, and privacy.
Scotty from Star Trek.
5 mins

Alexa vs. Google Assistant vs. Siri: A comparison

We compare the leading virtual home assistants for smart homes on their features, capabilities, and ecosystem integration.

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