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An open android face with film reel within.
12 mins

Best artificial intelligence movies through the ages

From Metropolis to Blade Runner and Ex Machina, we explore the history of AI in film as technology has progressed over time.
Key with $0.
7 mins

Secure your accounts with the best free authenticator apps

We look at authentication apps that strike a balance between excellent security, functionality, and device compatibility.
Play symbol with Union Jack.
9 mins

30 UK shows you can stream for free right now

From Peaky Blinders to Derry Girls, check out our picks for the best UK TV shows you can watch for free right now!
Globe wearing a bikini.
2 mins

How to stream ‘Love Island’ international versions in 2022

Love Island (UK) 2022 returns for its eighth season on June 6, 2022. Here are all the ways to stream Love Island online!
Celluloid film reel with rainbow colors.
9 mins

14 best LGBT movies and shows to watch this Pride Month

Our picks range from heartbreaking love stories to drag-drenched comedies.
Password storage app UI.
4 mins

Video: Best ways to store your passwords

Do you keep your passwords on Post-It notes? There are actually worse ways to store your passwords.
Entry form with simple password.
6 mins

‘We’re in!’: Best (and worst) password-hacking scenes in movies and TV

Perhaps one of the most frustrating tropes in film and television concerns password cracking. Check out our list of the best and worst!
Transparent window with magnifying glass.
2 mins

Video: What does your ISP know about you?

With an unencrypted connection, your internet service provider can learn a lot about you including the sites you visit and the apps you use.
Smartphone in life vest.
4 mins

Apps that can save your life

What if your phone could save your life? We’ve curated a selection of apps that could enhance your safety or help you survive an emergency or crisis.
Emergency warning sign USB.
5 mins

Survival tip: Digitize emergency records on USB

You might have important documents locked somewhere safe. Creating digital versions is just as important—and USB sticks keep them compact and portable.
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Protect your online banking

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Is your car spying on you?

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