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I like hashtags because they look like waffles, my puns intended, and watching videos of unusual animal friendships. Not necessarily in that order.

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Guide to combat digital stalking and harassment

Learn how to steer clear of cyberstalkers and protect yourself online.
12 mins

How to spot (and avoid) listings for jobs that don’t exist

Battling to find a job? Insincere “ghost” job listings could be to blame.
7 mins

Data for dollars: Beware of cash-incentive deals

Would you sell your data to a retailer? That’s essentially what’s going on when a company offers you money or discounts just for registering an account.
Google logo crushed under gavel.
10 mins

Explainer: Google settles class-action lawsuit over Incognito mode

Chrome’s Incognito mode doesn’t prevent Google from tracking you—and users sued over it. Here are the terms Google agreed to in a settlement.
12 mins

Are age verification laws in the U.S. a threat to digital...

Some states are requiring ID to access adult content online. Here’s why it’s a problem.
10 mins

18 interesting and cool things you can do with a VPN...

So you have a VPN app—here are some of the ways you can use it. Plus, extra features offered by ExpressVPN.
16 mins

15 (decent) alternatives to ChatGPT in 2024

Since ChatGPT’s launch to the public, numerous AI contenders have cropped up from the biggest names in tech. Here’s how they compare.
21 mins

Gaming destinations ranked: 20+ top cities for gamers

Paris is a prominent gaming hub, while New York features the most in video games.
21 mins

Cybersecurity spending: How much are countries investing in their digital defenses?

Belgium is the nation best prepared for cyber attacks, while the U.S. leads in cybersecurity spending.
19 mins

Dual dominance: 20+ pro athletes who are big gamers

Discover how F1 driver Max Verstappen dominates in “FIFA,” basketball player Gordon Hayward’s “Fortnite” passion, and heptathlete Erica Bougard’s vision for a female gamer group.

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