I like hashtags because they look like waffles, my puns intended, and watching videos of unusual animal friendships. Not necessarily in that order.

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Tor vs. VPN: What’s the difference?

Tor is mainly used for anonymity on the dark web, while VPNs are faster and easier to use.
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VPN hardware vs. VPN software: Key differences

Hardware VPNs are mostly used by large companies, while software VPNs are better for individuals and small businesses.
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Our time to shine: ExpressVPN at cybersecurity competitions

Read about our recent track record when facing hundreds of security teams racing to solve simulated problems.
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Instagram hacked? 4 ways to get your account back

It’s the most commonly hacked social media service. Find out what to do if your account gets hacked.
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2 easy ways to turn off your iPhone VPN

You could do it via your VPN app or in iPhone settings.
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Explainer: X (Twitter) wants to remove the block feature. Here’s what...

Elon Musk claims blocking people from your timeline “makes no sense.”
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How to turn off a VPN on any device

VPN apps are easy to use, but you can also turn your VPN on and off through your device settings.
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How to set up a VPN on your router

Find out what it takes to install VPN software on your home router and whether you should do it. (It’s included in an ExpressVPN subscription!)
11 mins

SSID for Wi-Fi: What it means and how to find yours

SSID stands for “Service Set Identifier” and is the name of your Wi-Fi network
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The favorites to win this year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup

Fans are placing their bets on the U.S., Brazil, and Germany to claim the coveted winner's trophy—who's your pick?
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