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I like hashtags because they look like waffles, my puns intended, and watching videos of unusual animal friendships. Not necessarily in that order.

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As Paris Olympics approach, so do cyber threats

While the 2020 Tokyo Games saw 450 million cyberattacks, experts say the Paris Olympics could face up to 10 times more.
14 mins

Will the EU’s Chat Control legislation undermine encryption and privacy?

The proposed law aims to prevent child abuse—but it could come at the cost of digital privacy.
15 mins

How to protect your creative work from AI training

Pro tip: Always read the privacy policy.
14 mins

2024 UK election: Political parties’ stances on digital governance

Find out how the Tories and Labour differ on surveillance, digital privacy, and AI.
27 mins

How technology feeds a global obsession with true crime

Crime stories have always had a hold on us, and technology has added irresistible dimensions to these cases.
15 mins

Complete list of countries that have banned or restricted TikTok

Plus the regions that may be planning to.
14 mins

Do you have an AI-generated look-alike living online?

Digital doppelgängers may have you seeing double.
9 mins

What’s a VPN kill switch, and how does it work?

Not all kill switches are created equal; discover why ExpressVPN's Network Lock stands above the rest.
17 mins

How data breaches shaped the way we use passwords today

Rules for setting passwords and enhanced system protections have been influenced by cybersecurity events.
19 mins

Guide to combat digital stalking and harassment

Learn how to steer clear of cyberstalkers and protect yourself online.

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