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streaming push play button
9 mins

Best new shows and movies to stream in April 2024

Looking for what to stream in April? This month sees the premiere of Fallout, Conan O'Brien's new show, and the end of Star Trek Discovery!
TV with heartbreak and wedding rings icons
4 mins

Popular reality TV shows to watch in April 2024

It's another month of exciting new reality TV. Mark your calendars for a binge-worthy April!
Watch the 2024 Oscar nominated movies
23 mins

Where to watch all 2024 Oscar winners and nominees

Most of the biggest films of the past year are available for streaming right now.
Top creepy websites
3 mins

Top creepy and scary websites to frighten your friends

Reader, beware! These websites will give you a scare!
How to see your Instagram stalkers
8 mins

How to see who is stalking your Instagram

Instagram doesn’t easily let you see who looks at your account, but there are clues.
Places where facial recognition is used
6 mins

Where is facial recognition used in 2024

Don’t want to be recognized in public? It's not just relatives you must dodge now.
Alexa listening to voice commands.
12 mins

All the useful (and funny) voice commands for Alexa

From timing your cooking to controlling your Fire TV, Alexa can do more for you—if you know the right ways to ask.
ChatGPT privacy concerns
8 mins

ChatGPT and privacy: What happens to your personal data?

Users tell ChatGPT a lot about themselves while having conversations with the AI platform.
Utah social media bill explained
6 mins

Explainer: Utah’s age verification for social media and porn access

No ID, no entry is becoming a social media reality in Utah—and it’s likely heading to other states.
Max Streaming Service
6 mins

Max: All about HBO and Discovery’s new streaming service

All the important details about Max, the newly merged streaming service from HBO Max and Discovery Plus.

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