Sentient AI scouring the internet for photos of Paddington bear photoshopped into other movies and shows.

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TV with heartbreak and wedding rings icons
6 mins

Popular reality TV shows to watch in June 2023

Get set for the return of reality TV faves like Love Island, RHOC, and The Bachelorette, plus the debut of something called...The Big D (admit it, you're curious!). Mark your calendars for a binge-worthy June!
ChatGPT privacy concerns
8 mins

ChatGPT and privacy: What happens to your personal data?

Users tell ChatGPT a lot about themselves while having conversations with the AI platform.
Utah social media bill explained
6 mins

Explainer: Utah’s age verification for social media and porn access

No ID, no entry is becoming a social media reality in Utah—and it’s likely heading to other states.
Max Streaming Service
6 mins

Max: All about HBO and Discovery’s new streaming service

All the important details about Max, the newly merged streaming service from HBO Max and Discovery Plus.
Best dark web search engines in 2023
6 mins

Best dark web search engines to explore in 2023

You can’t Google search your way around the dark web. Use these search engines instead.
Geo pin tied to a string
7 mins

Best AirTag alternatives for Android and iPhone

AirTags are great for keeping tabs on your stuff, only if you use an iPhone. Check out these AirTag alternatives for all devices.
Robotic art painting AI art.
9 mins

​​AI-generated art: What is it, and how does it work?

A painting of an otter wearing a pearl earring in the style of Vermeer? Welcome to the joys of art created by artificial intelligence.
Phone display with a sleep toggle
6 mins

How to turn off always-on displays on iPhone and Android

Apple’s hot new iPhone feature puts everything on your lock screen for everyone to see all the time.
Chrome vs. Firefox: Which is better?
8 mins

Google Chrome vs. Firefox: Which is the better browser in 2023?

Here's what you need to know about these two popular browsers.
Email masking
6 mins

Why you shouldn’t give out your email address

Plus the easiest ways around it.

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