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The popular ExpressVPN app for routers

Thousands are now enjoying ExpressVPN’s excellent app for routers software, and it’s easy to see why!

ExpressVPN’s app for routers connects and protects all the devices on your home network, making private browsing simple. All you have to do is log on to your home Wi-Fi as usual and… that’s it!

Even better, if your router is VPN protected, it means you can securely cast your shows to Google Chromecast or Apple TV. No more watching TV and movies on the tiny laptop in the spare room, get it on the big TV and sound system!

On top of that, ExpressVPN for routers protects all your devices with best-in-class encryption! All you need to do is connect to your Wi-Fi as normal.

Sweet Christmas.

ExpressVPN app for routers

6 delicious reasons to get the ExpressVPN app for routers

  1. Better security
  2. Cast TV shows and movies
  3. Save time
  4. Protect everything
  5. Use more devices
  6. Share the love

1. Secure your entire Network

A VPN works best when it’s always on. With a VPN on your router, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to connect to a VPN server because you’re always protected right from the source.

2. Cast your shows

Every device appears on the same network so that you can cast your VPN-protected content to Google Chromecast, Apple TV, Plex, etc.

3. Save valuable internet cat-browsing time

Don’t bother installing different apps on all your home devices. A VPN on your router protects each new device instantly. It’s as easy as joining your Wi-Fi network—there are no extra steps.

4. Use a VPN on your consoles

Use a VPN to disguise your IP address on any Wi-Fi-enabled device, even ones that can’t normally run VPN software, like PlayStation, Xbox, and other gaming consoles.

5. One subscription for all devices

Don’t worry about different VPN subscriptions for different devices. Use one ExpressVPN subscription on an unlimited number of devices simultaneously.

6. Be a hero to friends and family

Give the gift of privacy and security. Let your guests enjoy the same VPN benefits as you, just by connecting to your home Wi-Fi.

A VPN for routers is the smart choice

It’s pretty obvious why so many are using the incredible ExpressVPN router software; there are so many extra benefits. Why not try for yourself?

Getting set up is easy.

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