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Osaka VPN is here.
1 min

Welcoming Osaka as our newest VPN server location

Residents and travelers alike can use the internet as if they are in Osaka, even when they’re away.
Battery bars.
9 mins

How to make your phone battery last longer

Settings that will help you save power on your iPhone or Android, plus tips for caring for your battery.
Signal vs. Telegram.
11 mins

Signal vs. Telegram: Which messaging app is better?

Both Signal and Telegram are much praised for their privacy and security features, but they have significant differences.
Correct horse battery staple.
6 mins

What are passphrases and examples of them?

Passphrases form actual phrases you can remember, rather than just gibberish. Find out how to safely incorporate them into your login credentials.
Broken password field.
7 mins

Data leak on an iPhone: How to view and fix leaked...

It does not mean your account was part of a data leak. It does suggest your password is weak, though.
Social Security card in the shadows.
11 mins

What can someone do with a stolen Social Security number?

And what to do if you think yours has been compromised.
Toggle with video imagery.
5 mins

What is YouTube’s Restricted Mode? How to turn it off

This setting limits the types of media you or your children can access. Learn how to control it.
People looking at a phone.
6 mins

Is WeTransfer safe for sending files?

Find out whether the popular service is secure enough for your files transfer needs.
It's possible to see your incognito history, but you can also delete it.
6 mins

How to see and delete incognito history

With some effort, you can retrieve or track browsing history in incognito mode.
Is WhatsApp safe to use?
5 mins

Is WhatsApp safe?

Messages are secured with end-to-end encryption, with the app's features offering more ways to stay privacy.

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