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Toggle with video imagery.
5 mins

What is YouTube’s Restricted Mode? How to turn it off

This setting limits the types of media you or your children can access. Learn how to control it.
People looking at a phone.
6 mins

Is WeTransfer safe for sending files?

Find out whether the popular service is secure enough for your files transfer needs.
It's possible to see your incognito history, but you can also delete it.
6 mins

How to see and delete incognito history

With some effort, you can retrieve or track browsing history in incognito mode.
Is WhatsApp safe to use?
5 mins

Is WhatsApp safe?

Messages are secured with end-to-end encryption, with the app's features offering more ways to stay privacy.
Q&A portrait with Hong Phuc Dang of FOSSASIA
10 mins

Q&A: Hong Phuc Dang, on the world-changing potential of FOSS

The founder of FOSSASIA discusses her passion for free and open-source software and where it’s making the most impact.
A light switch with a padlock.
4 mins

End-to-end encryption: Why you shouldn’t accept anything less

Top executives from Signal, WhatsApp, and other companies met for a discussion about legislative efforts to undermine E2EE. Here are the bullet points.
An eye with a soccer ball.
3 mins

Surveillance in sports stadiums: Is it worth your privacy?

Would you allow your favorite sports organization to use facial recognition to track you? If you’re a sports fan, it’s likely already happened to you.
Book with a robot face on the cover.
3 mins

We asked our writers: Best sci-fi books about AI

Our in-house obsessives recommend novels that foretell possible futures about artificial intelligence.
TikTok logo with a slash.
4 mins

The U.S. Restrict Act explained

Find out what the Restrict Act has to do with TikTok, what detractors are saying about the legislation, and whether it's relevant to VPN use.
6 mins

Is your phone listening to you? Why it can and how...

Learn how to ensure that only you are in control of your phone camera and microphone.

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