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Phone with apps crossed out.
4 mins

Tech Friend: Choosing apps for technological sovereignty

Some app bans are driven by countries' goals of developing, controlling, and providing critical technology used by its own people.
Tech Friend column on HTTPS encryption.
3 mins

Tech Friend: Why use VPN for HTTPS sites?

Here’s why HTTPS doesn’t keep your activity private from your ISP but a VPN does.
Tech Friend: Phone has too much ads
5 mins

Tech Friend: Help! My phone is overrun with ads

How to handle an Android phone that’s inundated with sketchy pop-ups.
Tech Friend looks at how to block YouTube Shorts.
6 mins

Tech Friend: How can I block YouTube Shorts on my kids’...

Just like TikTok videos, Shorts are addictive and provocative—while usually not offering much by way of useful information.
Government building with an eye, signifying surveillance.
8 mins

Tech Friend: Can the government see my online activity?

How effective are privacy-focused tools like ExpressVPN, Brave, and Signal?
Tech Friend talks cheap phones.
8 mins

Tech Friend: 5 great phones under 400 USD

Need a phone for cheap? ExpressVPN staff weigh in.
Does a VPN keep you anonymous
6 mins

Tech Friend: When in doubt, sign out

What a VPN can and cannot do for your privacy and anonymity if you’re signed in to an account like Google.
VPN server hopping
3 mins

Tech Friend: Is it smart to keep changing VPN servers?

VPN server hopping: A good security practice, or simply unnecessary?
Clear iPhone system data
6 mins

Tech Friend: iPhone ‘system data’ is hogging my storage

When you’re frugal with photos, media, and messages, but still running out of storage.
Browser fingerprint with a magnifying glass.
5 mins

Tech Friend: Can a VPN limit browser fingerprinting?

Many millions might use the same browser as you—but yours is likely still unique. Find out how websites track you by it.

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