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Clear iPhone system data
6 mins

Tech Friend: iPhone ‘system data’ is hogging my storage

When you’re frugal with photos, media, and messages, but still running out of storage.
Browser fingerprint with a magnifying glass.
5 mins

Tech Friend: Can a VPN limit browser fingerprinting?

Many millions might use the same browser as you—but yours is likely still unique. Find out how websites track you by it.
Tech Friend column on the security of password managers.
4 mins

Tech Friend: What makes password managers safe?

They’re very secure—even if they get hacked. Find out why.
Tech Friend 3 by ExpressVPN
5 mins

Tech Friend: How secure is screen casting?

Worst case: Someone could take control of the content that appears on your TV. We also answer your questions about DuckDuckGo’s App Tracking Protection.
Tech Friend Edition 2
5 mins

Tech Friend: My VPN location seems to be wrong

Tech Friend answers a question about how sites and services interpret VPN IP address locations.
Phone with messaging app speech bubbles.
5 mins

Tech Friend: If I use Apple devices, should I stick to...

Tech Friend answers your questions about Apple apps, malware on iPhones, and whether VPN companies can intervene in online abuse.
2 mins
3 mins
5 mins
13 mins

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