The all-new ExpressVPN browser extension is here!

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The ExpressVPN logo with a green tick.

For older versions of the ExpressVPN browser extension, click here.

Incredible news! We’ve given the ExpressVPN browser extension a complete overhaul!

A screenshot of the ExpressVPN browser app.

Letting you remotely control the ExpressVPN app from your Chrome or Firefox browser, the extension has a brand new design and comes bundled with a host of killer features.

Because it works in conjunction with the full app, the ExpressVPN extension gives you all the protection of a VPN, unlike some other so-called VPN extensions out there. It can also help you spoof your HTML5 geolocation, and it features the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s HTTPS Everywhere.

HTTPS Everywhere ensures that you are automatically directed to the safer HTTPS version of thousands of major websites. What’s more, it works whether or not you’re connected to the VPN.

But that’s not all. The new browser extension has lots of other impressive features.

ExpressVPN browser extension: The full list of features

  • Connect and disconnect from the VPN from your browser
  • Easily change your VPN server location
  • Access additional privacy and security features
  • A screenshot of the ExpressVPN browser app options.

  • (Optional) Auto-connect to last used ExpressVPN location
  • Quickly see your VPN connection status from the toolbar
  • Get connection status notifications

Install the ExpressVPN browser extension today!

Setup is instant, and the extension runs the same as traditional ExpressVPN apps. Blimey!

Full installation instructions can be found here. Enjoy!

Previous ExpressVPN browser updates

ExpressVPN Safari extension

Introducing the new ExpressVPN Safari extension for Mac app users

The newest ExpressVPN app for Mac is available, and it includes a fantastic new ExpressVPN extension for Safari!

(Use Chrome or Firefox? ExpressVPN has an extension for those too.)

When it comes to privacy extensions, there’s simply none better than ExpressVPN’s extension for Safari.

Get the ExpressVPN browser extension for Safari

The new ExpressVPN browser extension offers seamless integration and has some impressive features:

  • Built-in kill switch to protect your data
  • DNS leak protection
  • Spoof location feature to disguise your location on HTML5 sites
  • See your VPN connection status from the toolbar
  • Works without the need to run the Mac app in the background
  • (Optional) Auto-connect to ExpressVPN on Safari launch

Setup is instant, and the extension runs the same as traditional ExpressVPN apps.


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