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Amazon Freevee (IMDb TV) is a premium free streaming service offering thousands of popular classic and new movies and shows, and a growing collection of Freevee Originals. Get ExpressVPN and securely stream Freevee in blazing-fast HD today!


Watch Amazon Freevee with a VPN. Freevee logo.

How to watch Freevee with a VPN

Steg 1

Registrera dig hos ExpressVPN.

Registrera ett konto hos ExpressVPN, världens snabbaste VPN.

Step 2

Globen som visar var VPN-servrarna är placerade.

Connect to a VPN server location where Amazon Freevee is available.

Step 3

Laptop, tablet, and phone with Freevee logo.

Log in to Freevee and start watching!

What is Amazon Freevee?

Amazon Freevee UI.

Formerly known as IMDb TV, Amazon Freevee is an ad-supported free streaming service. Freevee features a wide collection of movies, series, and Freevee Originals like Bosch: Legacy, and Alex Rider; and supports a selection of live television content that streams 24/7. It also has licensing agreements with Disney and Universal for more great content to binge!

FAQ: Amazon Freevee VPN

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What else can I do with ExpressVPN?

Why streamers love ExpressVPN

Användarrekommendationer för ExpressVPN.

Perfect. Unlike other VPNs that took forever to stream anything, with ExpressVPN I never notice a difference at all. It takes a lot to make me happy but this did it for me.

Användarrekommendationer för ExpressVPN.

Have been using this service for two years now... it's infallible. Works with every app and streaming service. Uptime is good, no stuttering or delay on streams.

Användarrekommendationer för ExpressVPN.

This is the first VPN service that doesn't slow down or buffer my streaming services while I'm at home. I appreciate that and thank you all for doing it right!

How to stream on your TV with ExpressVPN

Olika sätt att använda ExpressVPN på din smart TV.

Using ExpressVPN means secure streaming in blazing-fast HD! Here are four ways to stream with a VPN:

  • Download the app to a smart TV. If you have a TV that can install the ExpressVPN app directly, such as Amazon Fire TV or Android TV, just search for the app and install!

  • Connect via HDMI cable. Simply run an HDMI cable from another device with ExpressVPN installed to your TV. Don’t have an HDMI cable handy? Try mirroring or casting instead.

  • Use MediaStreamer. Though MediaStreamer doesn’t offer the privacy protection of a VPN, it works with devices like Apple TV and gaming consoles that normally can’t install a VPN.

  • Use a VPN-enabled router. With ExpressVPN installed on your router every device in your home—including your smart TV or gaming console—can enjoy all the benefits of a VPN. This even covers devices that can’t install a VPN directly.

Besides smart TVs, ExpressVPN also works with a wide range of devices—and you can connect up to 5 at the same time with a single subscription!


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