A new era for ExpressVPN

This is what online freedom looks—and feels—like.
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What did your online life look like in 2009? What phone were you using? What social media profiles did you have? Was “the cloud” anything other than that white puffy thing outside?

Like the online world itself, ExpressVPN has come a long way since launching in 2009. Your digital needs have changed over the past decade, and we’ve strived to meet them every step of the way with industry-leading features like TrustedServer, our Network Lock kill switch, our Lightway protocol, and much more. But as our lives go increasingly digital, there’s still more we can do to give you back control of your online experience.

Eleven years in, we’re still obsessed with giving people what they want and expect online: a private, secure, unrestricted internet. We work hard every day to make it possible for you, and for everyone. But while our tech has always been cutting-edge, now it’s time for the look and feel of our apps and website to match.

Here’s what’s new, and a sneak peek at what’s next:

A fresh look, inspired by forward motion

Speed has always been at the heart of our product. From near-instant connection times, to blazing-fast download speeds, to the lightning-quick responsiveness of our 24/7 Support Team, we know a need for speed drives your digital exploration.

Our new logo embodies that forward movement and energy—think of it as a digital tailwind to help you on your online journey, wherever it is you choose to go.

How we all engage and interact with the internet and our devices is constantly evolving; our expanded color palette and expressive illustration style represent that richer online experience. You’ll see it in our bold-colored buttons, in the welcoming peaches and purples on the app home screen, in the vivid imagery of our website, and in the vibrant blues of our enhanced icons and illustrations. Go behind the scenes of our redesign.

ExpressVPN new logo.

ExpressVPN rebrand images.

VPN and beyond: Go online, on your terms

In the past few months we’ve launched a slew of innovative features to better empower you to protect your online activity, and we look forward to introducing an expanded suite of privacy and security tools in the months and years ahead. Among our exciting developments:

  • ExpressVPN’s Lightway technology, developed from the ground up by our engineers to provide a faster, more secure, and more reliable experience, particularly on the mobile devices that so many of us rely upon. Lightway offers seamless connectivity (no more drops when you get the elevator!) and longer battery life thanks to its elegant, lightweight codebase.
  • Protection Summary, currently available on Android, offers a convenient, personalized snapshot of just how ExpressVPN is keeping you safe and secure online. Watch for wider availability later this year.
  • Security Assistant, another app feature just launched in beta testing on Android, is a growing suite of capabilities aimed at helping you understand and take better control of your privacy and security, with actionable checklists tailored to your device.
  • The Digital Security Lab, a first-of-its-kind initiative that informs our mission of building a safe, private, and open internet for all. Through in-depth research in collaboration with thought leaders and digital activists around the world, we hope to educate consumers about cybersecurity issues and empower them with the tools and resources they need to build a better digital future.

So what’s next? VPNs are essential for protecting yourself online, but they’re just one vital piece of the privacy and security puzzle. With online threats constantly evolving, we see possibilities for innovation that VPN tech alone can’t address.

We can’t wait to introduce even more ways to elevate your online experience in the coming months. We hope you love our new look and feel as much as we loved creating it. As always, we’d love to hear your feedback.

Stay tuned, and thank you for joining us on this exciting journey.

Vice president, ExpressVPN